News on Mom

Ok, so we have been going through our ups and downs through this Chemo process. But we finally got some really promosing news today. Well first off, my mother has 9 brothers and sisters who are still alive and do not have some disease which prevents them from being a bone marrow donor. With siblings, you have a 20% chance of each sibling being a 100% match, which means the body will not reject the transplant. However, we learned last month, none of her 9 brothers and sisters were a 100% match.

This was bad news because the only option left is to go to the “world donor bank” and look for matches from completely random strangers. Well, today we just got word that they found a 100% match. I think this is pretty crucial in the getting “cured” dept. As without a 100% match it would be very likley that the body would reject any transplant and they would need to have her on agressive medicine the rest of her life.

Just wanted to share and update. Today is a good day.


That is fucking awesome.
My mom only has two more chemos left and her indicator numbers are all dropping back to normal level.

Fuck Cancer.
And GO MOMS. MOMS are Fearless Defenders of Love.

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Good news brother. I wish her well.

See all because of that Novena I prayed…glad your mother is getting well.

Thanks Guys! (and girl)

Feels good to have a little bit of hope. It’s hard sometimes, and I am one optomistic guy.


Awesome news man, really glad to hear that - and I hope the good news keeps on coming.

Thats great news, i hope there is even better news for you and your mother in the future, my prayers are with you

Good luck!

Great news V.

Cancer sucks, I hope she kicks its ass.

Hang in there, Brother.

May the good news continue.FUCK CANCER.

Not that anyone here really knows me, but FWIW my Aunt recently had a double mastectomy and is undergoing chemo as well. I have no idea how her spirits have remained so high.

Just sayin I know what you’re going through, it sucks to idly watch such a serious problem and have no control over the outcome.

Edit: your Mom’s situation is more dire than my Aunt’s, all I’m saying is my belief in the strength of human spirit and willpower is at an all time high after seeing her resiliency. Fight the good fight, it can be done.

Hope your mom gets well soon.

Things lookin’ good!
Your mom WILL win this, V.

[quote]Vegita wrote:
Today is a good day.[/quote]

Indeed it is.

All the best for your Mom.

That’s great news V!

I hope it keeps getting better.

I wish her and your family well. You all will be in my prayers. Cancer sucks, keep your head up.


oh fella! all my thoughts to you. My mother has fought through two bouts of cancer, So wonderful how all oif you are pulling together for her. Again, my best wishes and thoughts.

Good luck man. I really hope for the best for you guys.