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News About 'Anonymous'


Hello fellow T-Nationers,

I am surprised to visit and see no mention of the Anonymous revolution. Certainly a place I used to frequent who's ranks prided themselves on getting the news from far and wide could not have missed this important announcement.

To learn more please check out www.whatis-theplan.org

I hope you all are doing well.



Anonymous is a loosely connected cyber-crime syndicate. It doesn't even have the adherence to political positions other terrorist networks have. They just want to break things.


Just a bunch of rage against the machine cowards in Guy Fawkes masks thinking they're hip yawn


It's actually not, anonymous is people, it's your school bus driver, your lawyer, your produce vendor, your gas station attendant. Anonops is a group who does hacks based on the ideas of anonymous. Anonymous is about freedom, not being numbered or labeled. From what I can tell of anonops, they don't just break shit, that was more lulzsec's M.O.

The site I have posted is not looking to promote illegal hacking activities, it is just a site where like minded people who are sick of oppression in all forms are gathering to figure out what to do about it.

To be honest, there are a lot of kids there, they have a lot of energy, but need direction. There are a few who try to focus these youngsters, but we need more level headed people of an advanced age to make it something more than an internet chat forum.

Come, don't come, whatever, I have made you aware, that is all I can do, the rest is up to you.



Anonymous is anyone who is fed up with the system, choosing to opt out and or just ignore it.

We are legion and growing in size world-wide.


I was hoping for a better response for their Empire State Rebellion.


Exactly, Even if you don't know you are, if you resist the system in any way, you are anonymous. Do you boycott Wal-Mart Or global banks? You are anonymous. Do you garden to help increase your self reliance and decrease the money you send to Big Agri? You are anonymous. Have you decreased your debt to credit cards in an effort to get the monkey off your back? Do you try to live within your means? You are anonymous, you are legion, I expect you.



There are a lot of people who want to do something but don't know what to do, the other forum is where they are being led to learn what to do, things that I mentioned plus much much more. Active and passive, there is much we can all do together and individually to effect change in the system. That is all this is about. Opening eyes, informing, educating and acting. Do what you want and can do, don't do what you don't want or can't do.



Fight club?

Somebody forgot the first rule.


Haha, nice reference...however, they want people to know about them and what they stand for.


There is no "them" to anonymous; it is merely an idea that people eventually quit paying attention to the blow-hards and busybodies that want to control every aspect of our lives.


You're right, poor choice of words on my part.


The beauty of Anonymous is that it cannot be targeted by any governmental institution because it is a completely decentralized, ideological movement. Government's can target individuals posting as Anonymous but Anonymous will alway prevail.


tl;dw. I am assuming it is another rant against "The System"?

90% of Anonymous hangs out at 4chan in the form of socially awkward, basement-dwelling teenagers who fancy themselves as being "above average intelligence, but underachievers" while sporting a fetishistic fascination with fictional revolutionaries in order to instill some sort of importance or meaning in their otherwise socially barren lives.

Ultimately, they are too lazy to do anything that results in a lasting change.


You have no fucking idea what you are talking about.


just out of curiosity, for which reason a government would target such a completely decentralized, ideological movement ?


Good point.

Hopefully, I won't be attacked as viciously as the Church of Scientology was. I just don't know what on Earth I would do about all those black faxes and prank phone calls.


And yet, they can fuck your business up beyond repair if they want to.

Not that your description is not prove in and of itself how awesome they really are.


What would you do if the hacked into your "top secret files" and sent it to Wickileaks or took down the servers you depended on like they did with Visa or Mastercard?

What you forgot in your deescription is that those kids can achieve quite a lot if they are properly motivated and be it by the ensuing lulz.


Hooray, Otep is now Anonymous. The irony is so palpable I can cut it with my keyboard.

Seriously though, the above statement is really dumb. Really, really, mind-numbingly dumb. Regressive-Income-Tax dumb. Guns and Religion dumb.

The only organization that can co-op members just for living their lives is the AARP. Not Anon.