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Oddly enough, did you guys know the actor who played Newman (I think his real name's Wayne Knight) lost a shitload of weight and can do around ten pullups (last I heard anyway). The news showed some footage of him jogging up a mountain trail and he wasn't that fat at all.

Not verbatim, but in the interview he was asked:

Reporter: "Don't you feel that by getting in shape you're missing out on parts you could have played?"

Wayne Knight: "Well it's either that . . . or an early death."


P.S. As an aspiring direct response advertiser, postal workers throwing out mail pisses me off.


Just saw this, he lost 117 pounds.



Yet dipshits like Jared are a celebrity from doing whack diets.

He deserves a medal, I am so impressed at what he's achieved. Great stuff.


I thought he got eaten by a Dilapisouarus or something... lol


That's awesome that he lost the weight! Good for him.


I think it was a velociraptor.


It was the litte ones that spit in your eye to blind you prior to "tucking in" to dinner that got him.

Prior to his weight loss he would have fed a few. A "supersized" dinosaur meal.


Nope, it was a spitter.


Speaking of celebrity weight loss stories, has anyone seen Jack Osbourne lately? Man, its amazing how good someone can look if they lose a little weight.