Newly Prescribed TRT - First Timer

Does that mean I should expect to start glowing in the dark?

Lol, just your testicles. They are the only thing that glows with excess testosterone.

My wife thinks mine already glow from excessive usage.

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Blood test today registered total test of 1,272. I really don’t feel any different this week than when I started. Bad pollen allergy keeps me out of gym so can’t measure strength gains, and I’ve sort of forgotten about libido. Maybe not, but it is not in the forefront of my mind.

I imagine the doctor will reduce my weekly mg dose, but I also wonder if he might increase it.

He may not decrease, he’ll just want to know when you injected for the blood draw.

Too much T can be as bad as not enough.


But what about your glowing balls?

That side effect should remain until the libido decreases. But who would want that?

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