Newly Prescribed TRT - First Timer

There’s no hard rule or cookie cutter approach to TRT, no two men respond the same. What works for one man isn’t going to work for another. Think of TRT as far as dialing in on dosing as an experiment where the outcome is unknown.

Only you can tell us what makes you feel your best, whether that’s once weekly, twice weekly or more shot frequency. No one can predict how you will respond to androgens, what side effects you’ll experience or what levels to aim for.

As far as dosing, 200 mg is more than likely too much test. An average TRT dosage is closer to 120 mg.

What did your doctor recommend?

What about cycling? Or is it just a consistent

… what about cycling are you asking? I thought you were here for TRT…

I just dont know how this works and my Doctor gave me almost zero guidance. he saw my levels were on the low end of the spectrum and given my age and athletic history, as well as health and mood issues lately - put me on TRT for hormone optimization. I know guys who do test who “cycle” it, so i didnt know if thats what you do also with TRT as well. Just want to make sure I ask all the questions so that I do this right and in the best possible way.

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I understand now.

TRT is a lifelong commitment. When doing this, there are no cycles, and stopping can be problematic for many - particularly those who already had clinically low T levels. It’s not that you can’t stop, it’s that TRT shuts down your balls so restarting them is difficult. Like an engine, the longer its turned off - the harder it is to turn back on. HCG will help keep you ‘engines’ at a low idle, but also causes a fair bit of aromatase activity (the process of Test converting to Estrogen), so is best used in minimal effective dose (think 500-1000iu/wk, split 3x). If/when trying to conceive, the dosing will likely change to suit.

Your provider should have explained this stuff to you. At least he(?) Was willing to prescribe 200mg/wk unlike most providers who aim for lowest possible dose (like 70mg/wk).

Perfect timing for a great post:

You don’t mention age nor sort of doctor you use for trt. I’m 75 with free test of 2.5 in a range of 6.1 to 18. Besides age, I had an autoimmune disease that likely about killed my natural test production several years ago but no symptoms of low t other than ED, the worst one. My endocrinologist has started me on 200 ml test c shots once weekly with no addons; 6th injection was this morning. I will wait 7 days before getting first blood test. All injections are into my fatty area below navel (SubQ). Check You tube for injection examples. Use a higher gauge injection needle for injecting into SubQ instead of the lower gauges for injecting muscle tissue. More comfortable. Also get larger gauge needles to inject and smaller gauge ones to fill the syringes. Certainly easier.

Your doctor in starting you on 200ml weekly is surely trying to determine your optimum dosage; you’re in the “experimental” stage presently so don’t compare your dosage with others. This stuff is different from vaccines.

After 5 weeks on, I’ve noticed increased strength in gym, improved energy, changing mood, libido… makes you think you’ve died and gone to heaven. I initially considered multi injections each week, but so far I haven’t had any “trough effect” from injecting 200ml only once per week. I strongly suggest quizzing your doctor instead of relying on Dr. Internet’s advice (which is pretty interesting, but understand everyone’s different). Dr. Internet lets one read about others’ experiences. Guys on trt at my gym don’t talk much about it.

Your testosterone prescription is for a low dose steroid to restore you to normal test ranges for your age. If you want the Superman effect, use the street stuff which I understand starts at about 300 ml/week and goes up to 4 digits. You wouldn’t post on this site if you were that kind of guy. Good luck. I think it’s actually fun. Wife’s evolving as is the ED.

200mg/wk puts you in a normal range? :thinking:

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On rare occasions I recall some members needing 200-350 mg weekly to achieve high normal levels.

It’s not impossible, but @biker is saying this as if its the case for most. He likely doesn’t even know if it puts him out of range yet as he just started 5 weeks ago (which is too soon to accurately test).

I saw your criticism so I reread my post. I don’t see where I implied 200ml is the case for most and I don’t know if it’s even right for me yet. I wrote that his doctor is surely trying to determine optimum dosage and that he should not compare dosage to others.

Maybe I’ve assumed wrongly that he is not working directly with a doctor.

See your above posts. 200 mg not ml.

200 ml is nonsensical.

Are you taking 200ml/wk or 200mg/wk?

I may have taken the above statement too literally, but this reads as you saying “your 200mg/wk TRT dose restores natural test levels for your age”. If this is not what you meant, then i misunderstood what you were saying.

I certainly misled with the 200 ml when it should be 200 mg/wk. Blame it on Dr. Internet where I see that mistake. I admit further that I’m on the highest weekly dose, almost double, of all my trt friends. They all say my dose is not sustainable, but I’m the only newbie in the group. Blood test next week, so I’ll have some information then.

I expect my doctor factored all my variables before prescribing me 200mg/week to start.
Surely he’s experimenting to restore my normal test range, not bodybuilder/powerlifter test ranges. “Normal” is relative, so I expect anyone starting trt to receive experimental doses to find their optimal dose with minimal side effects.

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What others are saying it that even your 200mg/wk dose is VERY high for most. Its certainly not the starting point for healthy TRT nor something a 75 year should be given out of the gate. Half that dose would be more appropriate for your bracket.


From your lips to some Divine Creator’s ears.

Does that mean I should expect to start glowing in the dark?

Lol, just your testicles. They are the only thing that glows with excess testosterone.

My wife thinks mine already glow from excessive usage.

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