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Newly Prescribed Test E to Treat Low T. Nervous

So after visiting my primary, I scored 264 Total T and 13.5 Free T. I was referred to an Endo which I can barely understand and ran me around for several months until I told him I dont want to take another blood test (after 3 total) so he finally prescribed me Test E.

With this said. I am 36, feeling the syptoms of low T and I took my first dose of 100mg yesterday which I am to inject every two weeks. I am nervous of future side effects etc. A few questions however;

-What side effects have you experienced?

-I have heard I should space out my doses I’m assuming to 50mg every week instead of 100mg every 2 weeks?? What benefit if any does this have?

-When can I expect to experience the positives?

-I dont want anymore kids but still worried about nut shrinkage for asthetics…

-Is this Test E considered steroids?

I know it is a lot of questions…but my Dr. reluctantly prescribed me as he was leaving for vacation for the next month; I never received any answers to these questions…now I m here!

You actually want to inject twice per week. So for you, that would be 25mg. That is a very low dose of Test. Most take around 100mg total each week. If you don’t want nut shrinkage you’ll need a prescription for hcg. You should also have a drug to reduce the effects of high estrogen on hand. You may not need it if your dose stays low, but if you increase your dose you’ll need to control E2. We need more labs with ranges. My side effects are more energy, high libido, clear thinking, feeling younger, losing body fat, gaining muscle mass.

You really need to read the pinned articles here, also called stickies. Your doctor is suspect in my eyes. That was a useless protocol he gave you. That is very little testosterone, enough to shut down your natural production. Shots do not add to what you already have. They turn that off and need to replace it, plus a lot more. In the first week it would not bring your levels up all that far. Worse yet your levels would probably be a lot lower than they are now by the second week. And he is doing nothing about the side effects that taking testosterone usually has.

You may not want kids but sterilizing yourself by why of shutting down your testicles is not a good idea for more than a few reasons. You will need HCG. Best read the stickies.

Last thing you are on the young side. Did your doctor even consider trying to get your boys to produce their own testosterone? There are other things that can be causing your testicles to not produce enough testosterone. If they are able to do the job, then you are better off to let them do it, by fixing the real problem. Maybe thyroid issues.

Yes Test E can be used as an anabolic steroid. But your dose would need to be upped by 10X for that to be the case. So if asked you are not on steroids in the same way people think of them. The sides erects … you will like them as soon as your testosterone levels get right." I’m a live again"

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Most docs are idiots when it comes to TRT and endo’s seem to be the worst, when they should be the betst. See the finding a TRT sticky.

Post your pre-TRT labs in list format with ranges. Not just T levels, but all of it. You can skip duplicate results that are mostly the same.

LH and FSH should have been tested before TRT is started, cannot do later.
If younger and LH/FSH are low, prolactin should be tested.

You need to read the stickies and can easily know more than these doctors and you need that for self-defense. You cannot be passive about these aspects of your healthcare.

The doctor tested me three times, also did a whole ballad of the labs including testing my thyroid cholesterol hemoglobin etc. I thought the dose was a little low compared to others I have seen when doing my research So are you saying 200 mg per month is pointless. by the way cholesteryl diabetic check and thyroid all came back good, the only downfall was my T levels each time

Not a little low, Its about half of normal. Typically a conservative protocol would have you taking 100mgs a week, Most take more than that. And with that once every two week protocol he gave you. I do not believe he has any idea what he is doing. And no one has yet to try and get your boys to work on their own. Is your low T primary or secondary? You don’t know yet, but you are going on a treatment that is forever. You are still a young man.

Not sure about primary or secondary and no, they have not tried anything else besides 3 blood labs to check for different things. I am aware that this is a lifetime commitment with periodic blood tests. I don’t feel normal and that why I went in, in the first place.

With this said I am personally bumping my regime to 75 mg a week…this will take it to my next appt.

What is the conversion to cc’s/ml if I take 75 mg

Or you could take 500mgs HCG every other day for a week or two then get a blood test and see if your testicles are working. There are ways to find that out.

If you are going to do it best use the standard beginning Testosterone replacement protocol

100mg test cypionate or ethanate injected per week with two or more injections per week.
250iu hCG SC EOD [every other day]
1.0mg Arimidex/anastrozole per week in divided doses.

Give it 4 to 6 weeks and take a blood test

Thanks a bunch conversion for 100 mg to ml which my needle shows? Forgot what my nurse said for the 100mg to ml I believe it’s .5 ml

I have to wait till the three month mark to get my blood done without me paying out-of-pocket, but it is probably cheap enough for me to pay out-of-pocket to get labs done at 4 to 6 weeks. You have been very helpful last thing I need is the conversion for 100 mg to my syringe which measures milliliters. Sorry if that is a newbie question I have looked for conversion calculators but can’t find one that makes sense

I think you remembered correctly

It depends on how many milligrams per milliliter your testosterone is. Most are 200mg per milliliter. But some are 250. If 200mg you need half an mg a week .05ml. Cut that in half do it twice a week

You should read this. It could be a lot better rout for you. Or it can at quickly prove you are on the right one

Hey def listen to Verne. If ur getting 100mg every two weeks than u r basically shutting down ur natural low test production for no reason. The half life on test e isn’t long enough to hold out till the next shot. You honestly want weekly shot or shots twice a week. As feeling it, it took me about 4 weeks to feel it and 6 weeks to really feel it. If u don’t want ur nuts shrinking u will need hcg. U will also want to monitor ur e2. As in my first 2 weeks of trt I over did the arimidex and had to back off to get the e2 just right.