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Newly Posted Vids of Branch Warren on MD


here is his arm training video.


if Branch could only bring a little intensity to his workouts and not be so flat he might actually get big.

Sidebar: There are a lot of fuckers at Metroflex who should keep a shirt on when they lift, strong and fat is great for strength i suppose but the fuck if i want to be forced to look at someone's fat ass stomach. If you can't see some visible abs your bulk is a train wreck, at least the outline of some, or even one ab.


does everyone who trains at metroflex shout lightweight?


suppposedly metroflex has no A/C and i saw one fan going at about 1/8th top speed.

unfortunately the out of shape people are always the first to take their clothes off.


i like to warm up my rotator cuff using like 5lb dumbbells and shout "light weight mother fucker!"


Yea, I noticed that the bigger guys would say it. Actually, when I trained there, I thought they were making fun of me, cause I weighed a whopping 150lbs, and was weak like a little girl. Im thinking about going back, to get away from the YMCA.


I hope you're being sarcastic on that one.

I hope you're being sarcastic again on that one.


i like to shout it at the little 2lbs pink dumbells..i dont use them i just like shouting at them.


first one yes, second one not so much.

if your gut is bigger than your chest it's time to re-evaluate. There are a lot of beasts at metroflex but there are an equal number of delusional fuckers w/ sleeveless t's and love handles. sometimes watching someone like branch train creates a false sense of what "you" look like.

this is a bodybuilding forum and the mirror doesn't lie.


OP- you think the guy in the background was fat? Perhaps your frame of reference is off since in the foreground there is Branch Warren.

Anyways, did anyone get a pop up virus alert after clicking the link? Seems spammish almost saying my computer was infected, some kind of .tmp file


no he's not sure look at branch no intensity flat muslces short crappy range of motion, we need some videos of crossfit up here!


the only thing branch might want to consider to add intensity is have Brian from metroflex hang some boar carcass inside the building; branch can then dip his head into the boars bloody chest cavern and then scream boar carcass mother fucker light weight! the dude is intense.

Bicep craze from your bulk pics you seem to be doing well, i just get a chuckle at some people's idea of a bulk. If your arms/shoulders look disproportionately small relative to the Buddha you are not doing it right, that's all i was pointing out.

Upon review of the tape, Branch in the foreground will skew a viewpoint, he as a bit soft but he was curling 135lbs for reps so I will back off, and you are correct nitpicking shit is the last thing necessary in this setting, to the guy in the video +1, if i'm ever at Metroflex perhaps you owe me a punch to the face, no nose or teeth though.


I mean, whatever, the guy didn't look that good, was pretty soft, whatever. It's a hardcore gym, he can do what he wants, no?

And I thought it was pretty cool that Branch let that kid work in with him.


I am not the OP but that guy in the background looked liked me, he looked like he also does not even lift pink weights and just put on baby oil to be in Branch's video.




My arms were actually hurting watching that video. I could almost feel the pump. LOL

Branch is a massive guy, no doubt about it.


5 seconds in and im already laughing at the turds surrounding him.