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Newish. Freaking Out a Little


after lots of work on form the weights are finally starting to come up. and now i'm freaking out about a whole bunch of stuff... i've been told that my body seems especially sensitive to androgens (body hair, acne) even though in the past they were in normal range. now... i've been feeling really horny like never before. like i'd imagine a 15 year old boy must feel. hard to keep my mind off sex. lots of masturbating doesn't even seem to help. seriously starting to rack my brain for fuck buddy candidates... hard to work out, even, with so many hot guys at the gym...

i'm worried that i'm going to lose control of my bladder / bowel function on a max effort. that is the main worry that i have that holds me back, i think. do other people get this? do you just think 'fuck it' and try the attempt anyway? or am i unusual in this respect?

i think my waist is starting to thicken. i'm not really so worried about my body and what it looks like... but i'm starting to get scared that i'm turning into a dude or something (with the sex drive too). i've also started feeling pretty confident / narcissistic... having trouble sleeping more than 3 hours at a time. feeling a little... paranoid / grandiose - hard to explain. need to feel wound up in some way in order to get the weight up sometimes... i'm very sensitive about my personal space. often feel like the gym guys get in my face even though they probably don't mean to. feel rage or something... can use that for good with the weight. don't feel like punching anyone or anything. but just worried about my levels of aggression / lust in general, i guess.

hard for me to know if things will just settle down eventually or if i should back off or something for a little bit. dunno. anyway... needed to talk to someone about this stuff. thanks for listening.


Your waist is probably not starting to thicken unless you have gained body fat. hth


exaggerating, trolling, or hit puberty.


total troll


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don't feed it (:


Not troll :frowning:

Not PCOS since androgens were (on last testing) in 'normal range' and normal menstruation. Doc said that my body (skin in particular) must just be extra sensitive to the normal levels of androgen that I do have (so acne and hair). I seem to be capable of putting on muscle okay, and I'm not really worried about (actually kinda proud) my legs and glutes getting too big for my jeans. I thought that front squats might be responsible for waist thickening? I don't do ab work in particular (no oblique work in particular) but am pretty sure my waist is getting thicker. Have put on some flab lately, though, tis true, maybe will feel better about that if I go back to eating a bit cleaner.

Mostly what is freaking me out is my mood, though. Maybe I should go back to get hormones checked again. Had low TSH normal T4 last time (some concern that I might develop hyperthyroidism since thyroid seems to be producing T4 independently from TSH). Maybe something like that is responsible for the feeling amped / lack of sleep. I guess I just wondered if it was something to do with my body response to the growth hormones or something... Guess would need to get hormone checks to know.

I guess I was just wondering if some of you ladies might have been almost totally sedintary... And then really amped up the weights... And how you felt in response to that? If you had some trouble sleeping and noticed increased aggression / irritability etc. I have wondered if maybe I'm overtraining. Aware that most people who think that are simply wrong, though. Dunno. Anyway, thanks for listening


How old are you?

I had a lot of spots for a long time (started when I was 11-12 and carried on well into my thirties. My skin really didn't calm down until I hit my late thirties. Even now at 43 I get a few spots now and then). It's annoying but no real cause for concern. Try cutting down on sugar and wheat and see if that improves things. My skin is always better when I eat low carb.

Regarding thickening, it does happen when you start training as your core muscles will get stronger. If you cut the flab, however, you'll find your jeans fit a lot better.

I wouldn't freak out about hormones too much. Lack of sleep can come down to a lot of things - PMS (the body temperature goes up during this week, making it harder to sleep), stress, sleep apnoea, uncomfortable mattress...you name it. Tiredness will make you grumpier - that's a given. Overtraining is a possibility. If you stress the body beyond its ability to recover, it will have a detrimental effect on mood and immune system. Without seeing your training plan, it is hard to judge whether this is, in fact, the issue.


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i think its obvious.

you have SIDS.


What are you on.


oh and CB- I think you meant AIDS. watch your spelling.


no i really meant SIDS.


Sudden Infant Death Syndrome? She writes well for a dead infant.


There should be more women like this in all gyms


Are you telling me my sex drive isn't natural!?! Shit! I better tell my husband... I might be turning into a dude too. Seriously, I really believe the better shape you're in, the more confident you are, and the more you enjoy your own body, the higher sex drive you'll have. Hence why almost everyone on these forums is freakin' perv... :wink: self included. :slight_smile:

I think that comes from picking up bigger weights than most men. I also assumed this was natural. Damn, I really might need help...

I can't imagine a truly heavy weight that you don't need to feel "wound up" to lift.

This also comes with the territory, especially since most guys/girls in the gym don't respect a persons personal space while they're lifting. I embrace the rage, and then they stay the hell away from me or I will make them look like pussies in front of their girlfriends. :slight_smile:

The reason you're getting made so much fun of is that almost every person on these forums lifts hard (i.e. is "wound up" while lifting), has an incredible sex drive, and feels a certain base line level of rage almost all the time, at a lot of things, and directs that to their lifting. (or at least I do) And through you're post you're implying there's something wrong with this... Rubs me the wrong way. Just sayin'.


a dead baby wouldn't post such nonsense. i added silly to the nonsense with SIDS.

my other go to is Tuberculosis. she could have that, too.

going to a regular doc for regular blood tests instead of searching for a doc who specializes in lifters/athletes was her first mistake. "im afraid of turning into a dude," was the second.

it'd take an incredible amount of testosterone over a longer period of time for the body hair, male pattern baldness, square jaw, deep voice, clit dick to show up than, "OH MY GAWD I STARTED LIFTING WEIGHTS AND MY BODY IS CHANGING." who fucking knew?

we were provided no list of supplements, diet, what her doc recommended to remedy the "problems," nor was this posted in a forum where answering questions is the norm. fuck, even "injuries and rehab" is more relevant than, "powerful women."

oh, you didnt know? check out the first page of most of the logs. "i look and feel awesome since i started lifting! I'm ___ but don't look or feel nearly that old!"

go ahead and keep shitting out questions into the interwebz with little to no research or apparent effort on your part and see what you get back. BBB is the one of the only ones around here who really had something insightful to add, and he's a generous guy when it comes to advice anyway.

all i'm gonna offer up is SIDS and TB.


CBear, I love you. I know it's a lot of effort, but can you please PM me the link to anywhere you post that I"m likely to laugh out loud or choke on my water? Only required for the month of August until I go back to being a student and can peruse TN all day on my own. Kthx!


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oh and I like snow girls response.