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Newfoundland Provincial


Just wanted to get 200 total, weighed in as 77.7kg. gave it all. Lot to improve. Got 198. i think i will be switching to power jerks as well



It looked liked your legs are spreading side to side in the jerk which is making your recovery instable. I could be wrong, reviewing Youtube quality videos is a pain in the…


[quote]dnd611 wrote:

Your snatch is smooth and powerful. I think your arms are staying too straight after the power position.

I just googled hookgrip snatch and found one of Osirio that shows how you explode with the pull and this braced your body against it.

Nice lifts, it looks like you could be hitting 220-230 in no time.


Good power but no control or rhythm.

You were lucky to get the 110 CJ with the way your elbows unlocked overhead. Everyones seen worse given though.

Don’t drop your elbows as you dip, this is causing you to get crushed. Get your head through properly in the Jerk, the bar is always in front of you and you have to recover awkwardly.

Work on catching the bounce in the Cn. It’ll save you a lot of energy later on.

Congrats on the 198.