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Taken 10/27/07 at the IFPA Yorton. This was my first pro, I took 4th place (out of 15).

Most Musuclar shot

first call out… i’m second from the left…

back and hamstrings…

rear double biceps (me 2nd from left)…

Great work, and congrats on your first pro comp! What weight class is that? If I had to critique, I’d recommend more trap work. Although, who the hell am I? Great job!

…that hamstring pose is sick! What bf% did you get down to for the comp? How long did you cut for, and what did your diet and training look like during that time?

Good balance and sick conditioning. Just work 1 or 2 years on the muscle mass.


yes…excellent conditioning! very nice definition and muscle separation.

You look pretty fucking good.

I would have to say the two guys in the red/burgundy shorts placed higher right? They look pretty thick.

What weight did you compete @?

Again, nice work, your definition is sick…

how old are you? just wondering since your competition looks little younger, yet your still up to their level.

awsome conditioning. I know everyone else already asked for numbers, so I wont reiterate here. I’m sure you know, but a little more size would just bring things up to the next level (judging by the dues next to ya in a few pics -lol)


Great physique.
6% bf?

I’m disappointed that RonC hasn’t followed up with this thread. I was hoping to get some insight into his diet and training.

Hey everyone! This has been my first chance to reply since posting the pics last week. The pro men’s class for this show had 15 competitors all in one class (not broken out by weight). I probably was about 175 there (honestly I don’t pay much attention to the scale and they didn’t weigh us that morning). BTW, I am 5’10",i think i was one of the taller guys in the class. I’m guessing my bf was probably around 6-5%.

I have a super high metabolism and tend to stay lean yearround, the downside of that is it is a huge struggle for me to gain mass (any tips are welcome and much appreciated). Since I stay pretty lean all year, my cutting phase (if you can call it that, was only about 6 weeks), mostly done by carb cycling and upping may cardio from none to 2x/week. (Note: this is the point where my competition begins throwing things at me…LOL). My training stayed basically the same, just reduced to 3x/week (M-W-F) to accomodate cardio and abs on Tu/Th. I was doing a whole body workout on those days so I could work each bodypart 3x/week. Moderate volume/intensity…

Greedawg, you are correct, the guys in red placed higher. The taller one, Philip Ricardo, placed 1st the short one, 3rd. My conditioning is usually right on, the top 3 just “out-massed” me… no worries though. I’m pretty pleased with 4th place against these guy with way more experience…

Shizen, I’m 43… 44 next month…

Oh and BTW, I’ve only been competing for 2 years, so this is all still new to me and I am always learning something new. This pro show was my 7th show…

My efforts for the next year are going to focus on gaining overall mass and improving what I feel are my weak areas (in order): delts, traps, back thickness, biceps, calves

Thanks all for your comments. Again, any suugestions on what I need to do to improve are much appreciated!

Thanks for the update. I’m nowhere near your “competition”, but I wouldn’t mind throwing something at you too, for your metabolism. Are you 8% or so bf, yearround? How about a typical day of what/when you eat?

As far as gaining overall mass, nothing adds thickness like heavy deads! Especially the areas you intend to focus on…not that I should be giving you advice…

you look incredible for someone your age

LOL, for someone my age? Thanks!

[quote]shizen wrote:
you look incredible for someone your age [/quote]