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Newest Labs / Test & E2 Levels Are Off

Continuing the discussion from Advice on Dialing In My Levels:

Please recap your protocol and how long on items before the labs.
Explain lab timing.

Temperatures still low?
fT3 is strong suggesting that rT3 may be the problem. Revisit the thyroid basics sticky and not references to stress, adrenal fatigue.

Low DHEA is another adrenal connection, take 25mg ED and retest DHEA-S with next labs.

1/2 ml E3d sub-q (.25 near navel & .25 on glute). I was also taking 1mg of Anaztrazole at the time of injections, around 6am. Started this protocol on 12-7-15. After review, Doctor suggested to keep the same dose but spread out the time between injections. Switching from E3d to E5d. seeing as that my E2 was still elevated, keep AI at the same as well. I did tell him that I recall feeling much better earlier this year at a different dose than I do right now. (Better in the way of overall sense of well being, very motivated in daily activities, very strong sex drive, etc.) He said that was most likely a result of too much Test & elevated E2. I know more is not always better, just trying to find range limits and my sweet spot. I have not experienced any gyno or nipple sensitivity as of yet but have noticed I seem to get emotional at things that normally would not even phase me.

Temperatures have stayed right around 97.6-97.8 upon waking. During the day 98.6

I will restart taking DHEA. Do you think it will affect my E2 levels, seeing as it is already elevated?

Also, I was wondering about the best test for checking E2 level. Sensitive / Non-sensitive. Differente people, different site have positions on each. Which one is the best for our purposes and why that one over the other?

1mg anastrozole E3D seems very strange, but seems about right for 100mg T E3D.

Lowering T dose will lower E2 by about the same factor.

Your thoughts on these:
Reccomendation for Anastrazole. Stay with day of injection or EoD? continue with 1 mg?

Using your formula from an earlier post:

48/22 =2.181818. 2.181818 x .25 = .545454

Am I understanding this correctly.
48 = current level
22 = target level
.25 = mg dose

If so, new dose would be .545454? What would be the best way to take that? Maybe eod or just day of injection?

I do not understand what your original anatrOzole dose [mg & frequency] was.

Formula taken from post “Advice on dialing in my levels” on 9-8-15 @ 3:31pm. Was taking .50mg immediately after injections.

Old dose x 48/22 x T dose change =

0.5 * 28/22 * 3day/5day

= 0.65

Stretching anastrozole to 5 days is pushing on the half life a bit hard.
You could to to 0.5mg twice a week. Or reduce T dose and stick to E3D or twice a week.