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Newest Labs After 5 Months On, Numbers Perfect but Maybe Time to Donate?

Here is the latest set of labs. everything looks great besides the cbc. I believe two of the abnormalities come from thalassemia im having that confirmed, however pretty positive. …has anyone else had their RBC/HCT get this high ? dose has been 240/week (not surprised it climbed) labs taken morning before next injection

Test total- 960 (250-827)
ALbumin 4.8 (3.6-5.1)
SHGB 21 (10-50)
Test FREE 207.3 (46-224)
test BIOAVAIL 453.4 (110-575)
wbc. 8.3 (3.8-10.8)
RBC 7.42 (4.2-5.8)
hemoglobin 15.1 (13.2-17.1)
hematocrit 51.1 (38.5-50)
MCV 68.9 (80-100)
MCH 20.4 (27-33)
MCHC 29.5 (32-36)
RDW. 17.7 (11-15)
platelet count 205 (140-400)
MPV 10.5

VIT D 70 (30-100)

You’re looking like your iron deficient, MCV and MCH is indicating the size and mass of hemoglobin is small and may be do to iron deficiency. I have the same problem ~ hypochromic anemia. TRT can deplete iron, magnesium and other core vitamins.

You can inject smaller more frequent doses and may lower CBC across the board, large infrequent injections can drive CBC labs higher as time goes on.

Strange how the hemoglobin and hematocrit are in range and RBC is high. Maybe your body just produces more red blood cells.

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All the time. It is not a problem.

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awesome thank you for the info man. im doing the 240/week split into (e3.5 days Monday afternoon, Friday morning) …I believe/I wonder if what you’re seing is the thalassemia that I mentioned ?

Awesome thank you awesome video . Are you saying donating isn’t necessary due to this?