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Newest Chapter for the Diesel Weasal: White Nationalism

Many old timers may remember @DieselWeasel or @DieselWeasel1000 , and many others may have seen his infamous deadlift videos on the net, but recently it looks like things have taken an interesting turn in the story

Felt like this was worth sharing for the T Nation OGs.


Wow that’s a name I didn’t expect to hear!

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Man. What a fucking douche.

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You really ment manly man didn’t you?

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That actually has me laughing!

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I very clearly remember him from the 2006-2008 era.
He actually did clean up his form and did go on to be a decent powerlifter.
He also had a youtube channel circa 2008 which documented his workouts and a fair amount of anti-Obama political commentary. However nothing remotely to indicate he was a budding “white nationalist.”

In all reality, I always assumed he was a Jew.

I remember and loved his walking biceps curl which I was luckily able to re-find, but I had forgotten that he went for another rep on it. That made it almost as funny as the first time

I find this extremely upsetting:

While investigating the tip about Misch’s magazine purchase, Vermont State Police learned that a therapist had called the Bennington Police Department in October to alert the department that a woman she was treating had stated concern about Misch’s collection of guns and ammunition and his “predatory and intimidating behavior.”

Donovan said Bennington police did not disclose the therapist’s phone call to his office during its months-long investigation into the racial harassment of Morris.

So if I have a client who’s talking about her boyfriend/brother/neighbor and I call to notify the police or crisis workers that I’m hearing concerning things (and I have made these calls) I have to worry that the cops are going to release the information to the media, potentially putting both my client and myself in danger for being snitches? WTF.

Welcome to Red America, comrade. Now get in line for bread and turnip.

Didn’t even click the article, but seriously surprised by a name from so long ago in the annals (hehehe) of T Nation history.



Jesus Christ, this guy is a legend.

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Also, that article doesn’t do this guy justice. He repeatedly harassed a black politician and her family until she resigned, and she had a protective order against him which expired, and at a press conference to address why, despite all the hateful comments, they couldn’t press charges against this guy, he shows up to further intimidate her wearing an alt-right t-shirt. That’s serious shit.

I don’t get it. Did DieselWiesel ever give out his name? Did someone find it years ago? The dude in the article looks nothing like our favorite piss-poor-form deadlifting legend.

He did, yeah. If you followed him on youtube, his name was his channel and he featured himself in powerlifting meets, where his name was announced. You can also find him on facebook. He was also big on Marunde-Muscle and got to train personally with Jesse Marunde, and if you followed that scene you got to see that.

It’s been a decade plus man. We’re all getting old.

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Damn. I found him hilarious on here but never bothered checking members’ own youtube pages or whatever. Interesting.

Getting old indeed.