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Newer Templates with PR Sets?

Hey Jim,
I have been interested at trying one of your newer templates that involve assistance from the “3 categories” with everything suppersetted. It looks good and I could certainly benefit from being able to increase my work capacity. My question is: Is there anyway this can be setup with regular PR sets or would that mess everything up? The reason I ask is because 5’s pro is really boring for me (even more than boring but big). I really thrive on PR sets. It gives me something to look forward to when going to the gym. Any advice would be appreciated.

No - that is why we program and plan training. You are trying to do everything at once.

Training doesn’t work like that. Also the assistance work has to be carefully chosen as people fuck this up all the time… All of this is in the book and will be explained. There are very specific protocols in doing this style of programming - remember we’ve been doing this for almost a year now and have a lot of figured out.

So since it’s too boring for you, I’d recommend you do something else as this is not the program that is right for you. There are plenty of programs that more than fit the bill.

Okay, thanks for the quick response.

I also used to think 5’s PRO is too boring. But I did it anyway. Now I use it regularly. You know what changed my mind? Progress.

I appreciate your input. I have no doubt that one can make progress using it. I used it for a while and made progress myself. However, when I look back it seems as though my best progress was using the original 531 program with the PR sets. More importantly, I enjoyed training more. There is just something fun and motivating about going into the weight room with a specific goal in mind to hit a PR. It didn’t take long with using the 5’s Pro for me to drift into just going through the motions with my training. Anyhow, at some point I will probably give it a try again even if just to switch things up for a while.

I have noticed that best long term progress comes when I divide my training in periods with 2 cycle blocks - like it is advised. Sometimes I use 5’s PRO, sometimes PR’s. The reduced intensity of 5’s PRO is certainly welcomed at time to time (and fits better with high vol. training).

Good luck with your training!

Rattus - you will love the new book and all the programming options. You’ve got it down pretty much - we have a ton of new templates (just finished the writing the Pervertor template today, for example).

You have probably noticed how things have evolved over time and I’m trying to tie everything together - so that it’s a bigger picture. I am glad to here how you are seeing how we are programming and it translating into YOUR success. While there are always some exceptions, a lot of this stuff is pretty easy once you understand the principles and ideas.

I appreciate your help on here.

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Thank you. It means lot to me to hear such thing from a man who changed my training totally.

I have still a lot to improve and learn, but I’m getting constantly better at everything. Your texts and insight have made me not only stronger, but overall better athlete and maybe even a little better person.

PS. definitely waiting for the book.

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