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Newcomer Reporting

I have been reading T Nation articles for nearly three years, my favorite being Stephane Robert’s Building the Super Soldier. This is largely due to my line of work in the US Army, an engineer by trade.

I’ve had a vested interest in physical fitness for almost eleven years now, an ever growing labor of love and trial and error. I started out thinking running long slow distances and calisthenics with occasional weight training was the way to train, but quickly realized my error due to a thing called ruck marching and loaded with an M240B light machine gun.

I’m a big fan of a lot of Johnny Schaefer (of Greyskull LP fame/infamy) and Pavel Tsatsouline’s works. I especially love Power to to People by Pavel Tsatsouline, low volume, heavy weight and never training to failure.

Looking forward to broadening my training knowledge via the articles and these forums.