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Newby to Site Trying to Build Mass


I am a new member to the site. I am 5'11 165 lbs and pretty cut. I played football in high school and was pretty (185 lbs.) but that was due to mainly my lower body. I have been working out for the past two years and have put on a little mass but am struggling to put on more. I feel like I have plateaued and can not find a workout sufficient enough to give me the mass I strive for.

I workout 4-5 times a week and do little cardio so that I can gain that mass. I have used creatine and protein gainers but can not seem to find the right answer to my problem. At the same time I feel like my eating plan is pretty good. I am asking for some advice n how to get big but maintain a lean cut figure?


Your eating plan sucks. If it doesn't work, it sucks. If you aren't gaining mass, your eating plan sucks. If you are getting hungry between meals, your eating plan sucks. You have not hit a plateau, you simply are not eating enough food.

Throw out the mass gainers and eat some fucking food.

I crap bigger than you. You wanna know why? Because my eating plan does not suck.

How about you post your eating plan. Better yet, post what you have actually been eating, because your eating plan sucks.

By the way, welcome to the site.


I do not have a direct eating plan but it goes something like this...

Breakfast...cereal with bowl of milk (10 am)

Lunch....some type of meat sandwich on whole wheat (1230-1)

Dinner...Some type of meat with rice and vegetables (5-6)

Thats pretty much it with some nuts for snacks in between....


And it should look more like this:

Cheesy eggs, italian sausage, oatmeal

Protein shake

Double meat/cheese sandwich, large glass of milk

Protein shake

Steak and rice


How the hell do you expect to gain weight on your diet unless those meals are served out of an 8 liter pot? I'd double or triple whatever you're currently eating.


The guys here are right dude, you have the most utterly bullshitiest eating habits ever. They are so shit, they just invented the word "bullshitiest". If they were any shittier, they'd roll of the ground having shit fit convulsions shitting themselves.

The faster you learn diet is 70%, exercise is 30% of the equation, the faster you will get results. And YES, you will get jumped on around here for saying stupid shit. You'll learn to love it.


lol...i'm pretty sure the women on this site eat that much by noon every day!


[quote]jbrot21 wrote:
I am a new member to the site. I am 5'11 165 lbs and pretty cut. I played football in high school and was pretty /quote]

Did your looks go down the drain? But yes, if you're not gaining weight then you're not eating enough.


You should work up to something like this:

4-5 whole eggs

4oz chicken breast (not lunch meat)
protein shake

2 can tuna
salad with oil/vinegar

4oz chicken breast
protein shake

10oz steak
1/2 cup pineapple

Eat some almonds for a snack.

Don't forget your pwo shake.

If you aren't gaining mass 1-2 lbs per week, eat more!


Thanks for the help but here is the real question...Do any of you have a recommendation of a good workout plan


Lift heavy weights.


With great intensity.

Whatever you are currently doing will probably do you wonders when you eat enough.

What does your current workout look like?


do a simple 5X5 progression and eat till your pants are so small that they squeeze the breath out of your nads.


It's been said but I'll reinforce it. You need to EAT!

Eat TONS of lean meat, get a wide variety of fats, and eat plenty of whole grain carbs!


Right now I am doing a chest/triceps/shoulders back/biceps and then legs. The workouts contain about 3-4 lifts per muscle group and at an intensity that is about 6-8 reps and 3 sets.


Right now I am doing a high intensity medium rep workout. I do chest/tris/shoulders back/bis and legs. I usually do 3 sets of anywhere between 6-8 reps per exercise and do 3-4 exercises per muscle group


my dick takes up more protien then you eat in your whole day


What are you doing feeding your dick?

That sounds like a recipe for a yeast infection man.


Do 5x5 or Rippetoe's Starting Strength.
Eat a lot.
Count Protein > at least 1g / pound BW.

Read everything for beginners. Use search.

Or just leave it.