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Newby Starter Questions

Hi guys, newby here with a few questions.
While I’m not new to biotech products (I’ve been taking them for health, longevity for a while) I recently have decided to get back into sprinting at the ripe old age of 45. In my youth I was an elite 100m/longjumper and played semi pro basketball so I’m not clueless when it comes to training but the game has changed big time in the last 20 years, especially with supplements.

My plan is to gain back mega strength with as LITTLE wait gain as possible. The lynch pin in my strength training will be small but almost max reps of Deadlifts, plus some bench press and core strength work. Although I already take Rez V, Flameout, FA3, and Receptormax for health reasons, I will probably add Alpha Male to the equation now. I also have powerdrive in my cupboard for days I’m feeling terrible with shiftwork. (I often get up at 3:30am for work)

I was wondering what you supp experts would recommend taking to help strength and recovery, (especially recovery) after I start smashing out these Deadlifts and also what you guys might recommend to take before competition. Would Anaconda anabolic load be overkill to help with the lifting, Alpha GPC for comps?
Any help or opinions would be appreciated. thanks.

What company is Biotech? I assume you meant, Biotest :slight_smile:

In any case, the best supplement you can use for muscle recovery is protein. There are different types of protein that serve all sorts of purposes. If you are looking strickly here at Biotest here are some examples…

-Surge Recovery, a fast asorbing whey hydrolysate with simple carbs for post workout recovery.
-Metabolic Drive, sort of like a meal replacement. So it will supplement a small meal in between larger meals.
-Grow! Whey, a very versatile protein comprised of both whey concentrate and whey isolate.

There is also casein, which is slow acting, so it would be good for taking before bed. It sort of clots in the stomach which provides a steady stream of amino acids in the blood stream over several hours. As far as the above mentioned proteins (hydrolysate, isolate, concentrate), you can find these at any supplement store. It just depends on when you want to take the protein.

If you had to buy just one for overall use, I would recommend a blend of isolate and concentrate. I personally supplement with milk sometimes too as it naturally has a great macro nutrient profile.

Other than the array of proteins available, creatine is a great supplement too.

Hey thanks, whoops, meant Biotest and should have mentioned I also have the Metabolic Drive Complete (we don’t have the new one out down here yet, or they haven’t run out of it yet!)
With this deadlift routine I think I’m going to need all the help I can get to build and recover, especially at my age.

Still wondering what may be a good yet legal performance enhancing sup to take prior competition. Alpha GPC seems to fit the bill for that explosive boost.

Well, other than taking a natural testosterone booster (which would be probably beneficial at your age), a multi-vitamin or mineral support formula, BCAAs, glutamine, leucine of course. I don’t really know what to add. Supplements are supplements, if you’re eating well and getting good sleep that is about all you can do.

Anaconda and MAG-10 are good products, but they are basically combinations of the supplements I have already listed. Alpha GPC is good stuff as well.

Otherwise, that is really it my friend.

Thanks for the reply. I might go ahead and try some Alpha Male as that might be good at my age anyway. And I may just do a little experimenting over the next 6 months.
I’m pretty healthy, eat mostly organic and weigh about 10 pounds more than I did in high school.
I’m very interested to see what I can still do.
thanks for the help guys.