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Newb's Cutting Diet. Please Review


Want to start cutting down for spring break, and also so I can start a Test E cycle.

Age: 21
Wt: 185
Ht: 5'8

BMR = 1923cals * 1.6activity level = 3077cals

Since im cutting I want to be 20% below maintenance(dr.bernardi) = 2460cals

**one of my main questions is, should I only be eating 2460cals even when i burning calories with cardio and weight lifting? Or should i be eating more to compensate for this expenditure?

Macro P/C/F 42/33/25

8:00am 2 MILE RUN Drink BCAAs Glutamine creatine in coffee
9:00am 1Cup oats + 3 scoops whey + 5 fish oils
12:00pm 5 eggs + 3 cups brocoli, 1C carrots, 1C celery, cucumber, spinach all blended
3:00pm 7oz tuna + 1/2 avocado
4:00pm PostWO: 1/2C Oats + 2 scoops whey +bcaa,glutamine, creatine, beta
5:30: PWO: 3 scoops whey, 40g waxy maize, bcaa glute
8:00pm *dying of starvation right now so i either eat 2 scoops of casein or small portion (3-4oz) of salmon or top sirloin. Even though it puts me over 2460cal.

Lifting as heavy as I can go to preserve as much muscle as possible


Prior to this diet, I was consuming about 3200-3400cals with ease. Today inthe gym , I fatigued super fast, but was still able to put up heavy weight.


you received some good advice from me n others in your " good cutting diet " thread . from that you should be able to work it out