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Newbiest of Them All. Punching Bag Drills?

Hi everyone.Total noob here as far as martial arts go
I have access to a punching bag(not the heavy one,the one that’s on the ground) so I’d like to incoperate some boxing/kick boxing to my training
Any particular drills that you’d suggest?

First question is what are your goals?

Learn some basic self defense skills while doing some cardio.I don’t care about burning as many calories as possible
The reason I don’t take boxing class is cause first off comes lifting for me and I neither have time or money for a second activity

In that case I’m going to be honest with you (and I’m sure Irish and the other regulars will too), you cannot learn “self defense” from punching a bag.

You can use a bag to get in better shape, which may help your cardio and make you feel better about yourself, which may increase your confidence and self esteem thus potentially making you less likely to get into fights (which arguably can result in improved “self defense”).

If you have a solid instructor to coach you on proper technique you can utilize the bag to practice those skills, but they will not necessarily translate to actual physical violence (unless it’s just you sucker punching someone and then “throwing the kitchen sink at them”) because, to paraphrase Bruce Lee “bags don’t hit back.”

If you want real combative skills, you MUST suck it up and train Martial Arts/Combat Sports for real. If you just want to get in better shape, learn some new skills, and have fun working with the bag though, then have at it!

Thanks for the well rounded response
You’re right.’‘Learn self defence’’ was not the best way to put it
I understand that punching a bag is far from facing an aggressive opponent.What I basically want is to learn how to throw some solid punches and kicks

Well then, in that case go for it. :blush:

As far as drills, honestly just practicing the basic punches and kicks (first in more of a “blocked” fashion [same punch/kick repeated for reps/time] and once you have that relatively down in more of a “random” fashion [in combinations]) is going to be where you want to start.

Then I would add footwork and head/body movement (defensive skills).

Then I would just “fight” the bag.

Keep in mind these are not mutually exclusive, for instance I may drill throwing a specific combination (or variations on it) while “fighting” the bag and incorporating footwork and defensive skills.

Thanks for all the advice mate :slight_smile:

There’s a ton of things you can do if you don’t care about form or technique or any of that.

Start with just working towards hitting the bag consistently for a three minute round - or multiple three minute rounds. This is typically harder than you think.

Once you can do that, work in intervals: go all out, throwing nonstop punches (or kicks or whatever) for 20 seconds out of each minute. Then go back to a slower punch rate until the next interval.

Or do 5 one-minute rounds of nonstop 1-2’s, and do 10 pushups during the 30-second breaks between rounds.

Or do a three-minute round, then do jumping jacks during the one-minute break, then go do another round on the bag.

You can come up with a pretty endless amount of things.

Just don’t think you’re getting more than what you are - a great workout focusing on explosive strength and muscular endurance. If you want to throw “solid” kicks or punches, you should work with a trainer, at least for a little in the beginning.

Thanks for the response
I’ll start practicing as you suggested,and if I keep consistent for a month or two I’ll look for a coach to at least teach me the basic