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Newbies Using Carbolin 19


Last week I asked about a strength workout for my friend who has just decided to start going to the gym with me.
He's never lifted before, mind you. So we've started him on a very basic program and he's following Temporal Nutrition.

He discovered that I just started taking Carbolin 19 and now he wants to take it as well. Now I myself was very hesitant about taking it - I've only trained seriously for 7 months. I told him that he would see amazing results without it, and that as a beginner(I realize I'm also a beginner) he didn't really need it. But he argues that it couldn't hurt.

So.... How do you answer a question like that? Also, am I an idiot for taking it after only being serious for 7 months? What do you guys think?


I don't think you're an idiot for doing what you have after only 7 months, it is not a move I would have made, but It's your call to make. I think your advice to your friend is right on though.


I agree. I don't think there is any need for anyone who's been lifting under a year to take supplements such as Carbolin 19 or whatever.(I'm not saying its not effective just not ideal in my opinion) The reason for this is I think you really have to give yourself a chance to see how your body reacts to lifting and manipulating your diet to reach your goals.

I think supplements are a great tool to be used when the time is right but if you've only been training for under a year you don't really know how your body reacts to certain things and changes without the supplements.


You are in a weird situation where you say you have only been training for 7 months and are taking Carbolin 19 but tell your friends who is also a beginner not to take it.

Maybe suggest to your friend that if he does want to take it he should wait 6 months like you did to make sure he gets the most benefit out of it. I think that he should wait longer, but this approach might work.

The other approach may be just to not give a shit. It is his body, his money and if he wants to take it, let him, and you can spend the time concentrating more on yourself and not on him.