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Newbies Think They Know It All


I'm not saying i'm a veteran or anything but i think i do know a bit or two about working out for that is what i'm going to school for. but anyway isn't it just funny how alot of these new guys come in and think they know it all, start asking all these questions in the wrong forums when they should be in the beginners forums... i just have seen it too many times with people.

hahaha i will never get it.


gtfo troll


Useless post gets useless reply.


Winbums for Woolies.


I found this site January 2008. So that means the thirty years of working out prior to this was just a waste of my time.

I remember getting my ass flamed because I responded to a thread in the "Most Discussed Topics" That was from the Bodybuilding Forum, I never post there, even though I do bodybuild, I'm just not totally serious about it. Plus I don't want any more size, just power and strength. People jump to conclusions on this site way to fast.



You go to school for "working out"? Wait...you go to school?


I have one of those...Thank you, Office Space collector's edition


aren't...you.. a newbie.. too?


haha this is all so funny...




TO PMPM: Did you ever know that you're my hero?


and i'm a newbie to the site not to lifting. And i'm just sayin ive been to different forums all aroun, not just this site and it's the same everyplace.

and right now i'm studying exercise science, so i can be a personal trainer soon and not saying thats much but after that i'll be able to be able to start workin in physical therapy, or be a nutritionist or chiropractor. which ever path i choose. But right now I still have so much to learn.. don't we all


Fuck off, Polo.


ahhh ... there's the miserable bitch I miss so much ... when can I see you again? When can my heart beat again?


Worth it. Comes with the dvd, the mat, an initech coffee cup, and some other good stuff.




alrighty stevenf your awesome


I'm doing you a favor.


Don't you hate newbies to this site that think they are so damn cool and can just talk shit while making stupid posts?

I know I do.