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Newbies Starting at the Gym


Hi everyone!

Recently my wife and I started going to gym, I'm 190 cm and 85 kilos and my wife is 154 cm and 60 kilos. We've been going for 2 months now and i can see that I improve a lot, I'm still 85 kilos but my body shape has change a lot, I visit the gym 4-5 per week and follow one of Christian's workout. She hired a PT just one session per week and is following the routine she gave her but I can't see any changes.

I tried to make her do something different like using weights but she keeps on saying that she doesn't want to get hughe, I explained her that she is not going to get big because of using weights and she is keen to give it a try for a few weeks.

So here is my question :slight_smile: Can you please post or send me a link to a routine for women? She wants to get thin, tone and get strong but not too muscular, I dont know if i explain properly bur she wants to get hot hahaha.

Thanks a lot and I will be waiting your answers

P.D: Sorry for my English


This is a huge misconception that women have... it's weird. As for "proof" I don't have any pictures but I did remember this thing I read by Laura Michelle Prestin. She's crazy hot.

laura michelle prestin and amanda latona are great examples of "not huge" blah blah blah. I only mention them cause i have a thing for both of them :)... who wouldn't


Just gotta throw this in there, an amazing article about women and lifting. It was written by my co-worker/mentor Allyson Goble. She's a bad ass, strong as hell, but you would never guess by her build, she's completely feminine.