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Newbie's Questions on HST Program

Hello everyone!
I’m a 20 years old guy, 5’ 5’’ tall (165 cm) and 135lb (61 kg).
I used to play football but then switched to a program of 300 pushups a day. 4 months ago I decided to join a gym while lowering my everyday pushups routine to 200.
Currently I am on a 2800-3000 calories clean diet consisting of ~60% carbs, ~30% protein, ~15% fat (no supplements). Click show spoiler to see what my everyday diet consists of.

1 medium hardboiled egg
250gr greek yogurt
3-4 rusks
1 apple

Post-workout meal:
250gr greek yogurt
1 can of tuna (~100gr)
1 banana
1 sandwich with a slice of melted cheese and 70gr of sliced turkey breast

~100gr pasta
~200 gr of chicken breast
lots of salad
1-2 slices of bread

Snack (i usually eat kiwis/apple ~1 hour later when i get hungry again):
1 banana
1 sandwich with a slice of melted cheese and 70gr of sliced turkey breast
2 kiwis
1 apple

~250gr of chicken breast
lots of salad
2 slices of bread[/spoiler]

Here is my current workout routine. I go to the gym on Monday/Wednesday/Friday (it used to be 4 times a week but the gym is now open only 3 times a week so yeah…).
On Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday I go for 15-20 mins of steady state cardio.
Keep in mind I do a warm-up before starting each workout which consists of 5 minutes of jumping rope->posture exercises->abs.

[spoiler]Monday - Chest/Tri

4x10 BB Bench Press
3x12 Incline BB Bench Press
3x12 Flat Bench DB Flys Crossover

4x8 Cable Triceps Pulldown
3x12 Close-grip BB Bench Press

Wednesday - Back/Bi

4x10 Pullups
3x12 BB Bent over Row
3x12 Top Half Deadlift

4x10 BB Curl
3x12 DB Hammer Curl

Friday - Legs/Shoulders (this became a long workout because i used to do legs on thursday)

4x10 BB Squat
3x12 Leg Extensions
3x12 Leg Curl
3x30 Lounges

3x10 Seated Calf raise
3x10 Standing Calf raise

4x10 Standing BB Military Press
3x12 Lateral DB Raise
3x12 Frontal DB Raise
3x12 Seated Bent over Rear Delt raise[/spoiler]

At the end of the post you will find a picture of me after 4 months of following this routine and diet.

Now the problem is that I can’t seem to increase the weights on the exercises I’m doing and I admit that the quality of some of them (like squat/bench press) is not perfect so I really don’t want to risk a serious injury just because I want to up the weights.
Recently I discovered this HST program and it looks very interesting for me to the point that I’d really like to train twice a day 3 times per week. But first I need some of your advices.

And so I’m asking you:

  • Will I benefit from HST?
  • Considering I have TONS of free time and determination, can I train twice a day?
  • Should I change my workout routine? If yes, what do you think of the one in the spoiler below? (first week of the HST program)

[spoiler] AM
2x15 Squat
2x15 Lying Leg Curl
2x15 BB Flat Bench Press
2x15 Chest Dips
2x15 Chin-ups
2x15 BB Bent Over Row
2x15 DB Shrugs
2x15 Standing Shoulder Press
2x15 DB Lateral Raise
2x15 Rear Delt Raise
2x15 Standing BB Curl
2x15 Cable/Bar Triceps Pushdown
2x15 Standing Calf Raise

PM (~6 hours later)
Same as AM with these changes:
BB Flat Bench Press -> BB Incline Bench Press
Chest Dips -> DB Flyes
Chin-ups -> Pull-ups
Standing BB Curl -> Standing DB Curl
Triceps Pushdown -> Decline EZ Bar Triceps Ext.[/spoiler]

  • My gym doesn’t have 2.5 lbs (1.25kg) plates, what do I do to increase load? Should I opt for 5lbs increases?
  • Should I increase my caloric intake to 3500 or more calories? If yes, what should I eat (speaking about wholesome food)? Also, any general advices/tips on diet?
  • Should I stop doing pushups in the afternoon? Why?

Thanks a lot for your time. I hope to get some answers. This is my first post :slight_smile:

First, what are you looking to get out of this? More strength? More size?

To me, it looks like an absolutely horrible program, but I tend to like simple stuff with an emphasis on the big 3 or their variations. If you like it, do it, but I think it would be a terrible idea. What you’re currently doing looks better, although still not great.

If you’re looking to put on more size and more strength, and you’re training three days a week (that’s actually a really good thing to see) why not try Greyskull or 5/3/1 for a while? They’re proven to work very well. Or Christain Thibaudeaus’ Power Look program? That might suit you.

I’m just throwing that out there.

When you mention the quality of your lifts and not being able to go up in weight, I’d really say going for 5/3/1 may be the best idea - you’d get more volume on the big 3 so you’d have ample chance to improve technique, and if you do something like the Boring But Big template you’d get the size too.