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I want to preface this post by saying that I am in no way calling out anyone in particular on this thread.


There has been something that has been bothering me for a quite a while now. There is nothing that gets under my skin more than when someone new to training asks for help/advice on training, diet, supplementation, etc.; then no more then a week later they are doling out their advice and "experience" to others guys/gals just starting out.

When I see this I get so fucking annoyed, I really want to call the person out on that thread, but more often than not feel that it would be in poor taste.

Just so you new guys know. I have been training seriously for 7-8 years. It took me 2 and half years before that to learn correct form, nutrition, etc. and I am still learning something new everyday.

Even though I have been committed to bodybuilding for a while (and I know there are plenty of people on here that have been at it a lot longer than I) I keep my mouth shut most of the time. The reason being is that I learned what works for me personally, through trial and error over the years and because of this have been very successful in my pursuits.

Most of the time if I do chime in on a post, I state. "this is what works for me" or "what I have found" because I honestly do not know if it will work for the person asking for advice, and I in no way try to present myself as an expert on any subject.

It is good to ask opinions of experienced people around here, but for god sakes do your own research and go through your own trial and error periods. And if you just learned something, don't regurgitate it as if you are an expert on it.

End of rant


Good post.


It is truly a wonder how these guys have learned in two weeks what its taken me nearly ten years to learn...

Apparently experience under the bar just doesn't make so much of a difference anymore...everyone is an internet pro.




I've noticed alot of this as well. I haven't been lifting as long as alot of guys(going on 5 years now) so I only respond when I have personal experience in the matter.Thankfully I spent alot of time training with more experienced people when I first started which helped me alot. I find it somewhat disturbing to see someone who hasn't been in the gym more than a handful of times tossing out ideas and practices when they themselves have no idea how to even implement what they are preaching.


Very good point, very good article. In just about any help colume I stumble into to see if I can learn a few new thing, I see everybody and there brother posting what to do. Ive posted a few help hints myself, but never thought about putting the "this is what worked for me" in it. I knew I was forgeting something. Ive also been training a very short time(8yrs) and up untill about a year ago when I stumbled onto this site, most of what I learned before hand was from trial & error and first hand in the trenches experience. Time for me to go back to the 2 articles ive posted on( 1 fitness, 1 creatine) and let them know this is what worked for me.


I too have had some very successful and knowledgable mentors over the years, and I owe them a debt of gratitude - without them I would have been lost for a long time.

I never would have had the opportunities I have had though if I did gather up the courage to ask them questions.