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Newbies and Heavy Weights


In the cool tips it said something about how newbies can lift heavier more often cause we don't have the same neurological efficiency and stuff. DOES that mean if you have 6 months and under of training under your belt....does that mean if your doing an ME day...instead of doing the reccommended 3 lifts at or above 90% of 1RM...you could do like 7-8 lifts at 90%??

...Also is it beneficial to rest 3-5 min. or would 2 min be alright....and then like 3min 30 seconds be the most you should rest??



With less than 6 months of training under your belt, you shouldn't worry to much about 1RM or x% of 1RM.

You should focus on sets and reps. And go for 1 minute of rest between the sets of 10-12 reps.


Whoa buddy, you are definitely overanalyzing the time requirements, but beginners definitely need to bust it in the 85% zone and better. While a beginner can generally handle more reps in that zone than an elite lifter, everybody has different capacities to handle heavier weights. I, personally, cannot do heavy accessory work on DE day after a rough ME day, I prefer to put all my heavier stuff on one day and then do the lower intensity accesiry work DE day.

The best way to find out what you can tolerate is to experiment for yourself.


As a beginner anything you do will make a difference. As a beginner you'll make strength gains with as little as 40% 1RM. There is no need to worry about it. The only thing to worry about is technique and volume. Just do perfect reps as often and as many as possible with as much weight as possible. That is it. Also, WS is not the best for beginners.

Dude, you over analize everything. Focus on getting good at the basic lifts. How do you do that? Practice! Practice the basic lifts. When you can do perfect squats for multiple sets on multiple days a week, up the weight.

Rant over.


I actually do over analyze everything, but I'm only trying to understand it as best as I can and ask questions and all. I'm fairly good at the basic lifts for being 167lbs, 16 years old. I'm just wondering what would work...I've been training with weights for the past few months, cause I was doing A LOT of bodyweight stuff and all before going into lifting weights and all but yeah I was just curious. But later on when I want to start incorporating FULL ME days, would I just do the 3 lifts at 90% or tweak it my own way. It seems like I can handle a lot of intensity when I train.



I believe the cool tip was saying that because a new lifter hasn't the efficiency of an experienced lifter, they can handle greater frequency. If that is true, it is because they do not recruit as many motor units and as such don't use as much load, and recovery is faster. It doesn't say that a new lifter can do necessarily more sets at higher intensities; it means that they can train more often at higher intensities.



Another problem with your logic is that newbies should be doing more reps with less weight to make sure they have perfect form. Anybody who gets into low reps and high weights that doesn't have good form as an instinct could get into a high weight rep, screw up the form, and then get injured. Plus i think that the point of the article was that you can train more often, not heavier. Thus it would be better for you to try to work out twice a day or for a longer period of time, and you wouldn't risk overtraining.

As far as weights go you should follow a normal progression as it is outlined in your workout (Assuming that you are using a workout written by someone knowledgable, and designed for new lifters, if not, then do some searching and find a good workout for new lifters).


Alright cool, thanks for clearin that up.