Newbies and First Timers; Read Before Posting

The amount of ridiculous threads lately have been absolutely insane lately. AAS use is not a joke and there are a few minimum requirements that should be met. Please meet at least most of these before posting.

To the vets and the regulars here please help me out here and just ignore threads who are cluttering up this forum like this and run these guys out of here. If you guys agree or have anything to add please do and lets get this stickied.

  1. Be over 18 years old at least. Many are going to say this is way to young and I agree but, if you are serious and meet every other suggestion then what ever.

  2. Have at least a full year of serious and proper training. This does not mean you have to be a power lifter and benching 400+ but, please know your goal and be working a regiment that will get you there.

  3. Have your nutrition dialed in. This does not mean you need to be shredded but, know what the hell your doing and be able to prove it.

  4. Post a picture of your self. Obviously you probably want to crop your face out but, if your ready for gear then you will look like your ready for gear.

  5. BE OVER 200lbs if your 6ft tall or over. If shorter then be close at least obviously height varies, but if your 5’8" and under 180lbs chances are your not quite there yet.

  6. DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! The amount of this is my first cycle what do you suggest threads are ridiculous and can easily be found in the search function. No one here wants or should have to spoon feed you.

I agree with this. If anything these are the very minimum standards for people to meet before even considering using.

I thought I was ready about two years before I actually took the plunge. That was a little while ago and I’m still realising how much I have to learn.

You need to know the why’s and how’s of everything you are doing, you can’t just rely on the advice of some guy in a forum.

Newbs - all the info you need is here via the search function. Read as much as you can and then read some more.

Thanks DieselDave. I agree these are bare minimum requirements but, 60% of the threads that have been created do not even meet half of these Requirements by the OP.

Considering there is a posting IDENTICAL to this one, already stickied, it would appear that you are also “cluttering up” this forum with duplicate content.

While I appreciate you trying to build some thought leadership for yourself among the newbs in this forum, in the big picture, you are a newb yourself.

Here is a link to the much more useful thread on the same topic -

This is not some fucking competition about who has the most steroid experience. But the threads here lately have just been rediculous its beyond annoying. just because someone doesn’t have 20 plus years experience with aas doesn’t mean they can’t give out advice to what are obvious newbs or whatever you want to call them. Plus, they obviously aren’t reading the stickies…
I don’t see a problem with this thread in the least and I think posting up pictures should be mandatory before any advice is even given.

Stop reading/replying to threads that annoy you, simple as that. I have been visiting this forum pretty much daily for 3 years, and I feel like there has always been a good amount of dumb ass “1st cycle” and “PH question” threads being posted. I have certainly not noticed a sudden influx of these annoying posts lately. They’ve always been here, and they are easy to ignore. If you dont reply and bump them then they get relegated to Page 2 & 3 within a day or so. Then the interesting, trending topics stay to the top. Instead of the rest of this bullshit.

If newbies obviously aren’t reading the existing thread on this exact topic then what makes you think they will read this one. And why would we want to put in the effort to get this one stickied? All this post did was push the interesting and entertaining stuff one spot closer to the bottom of the page.

I agree with pictures being mandatory, but that is neither here, nor there. My point is duplicate content = useless nonsense, and is exactly what you guys are complaining about with all of these 1st Timer threads being started.

See… now you’ve got me posting in, and thus bumping, a thread that I find annoying. Which is what I’m telling you not to do… I see how you get sucked into this vortex of engaging in stupid threads. I digress.

Hahah ya its harder than you think! I see where you’re coming from though…ok last post I swear.

i agree op