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Newbie0101 Training Log


I decided to make a log to keep track of what i am doing and make sure i progress and get some advice

Age: 15
Height: 5 ft 8
Weight: 180

Best lifts in the past
After training 6 months
Squat 365
Deadlift 405
It was back in 2014 shortly after i fell and Got a bad spine injury and i am still fully recovering
Bench 250 x 1

Goals for my birthday
Bench 300
Get back to squatting and Deadlift and hopefully hit a 405 Squat and 450-495 Deadlift

I am currently training at home but i am going to join a gym again as soon as i Can Squat and Deadlift again

Right now i am just focusing on setting prs and get stronger with what i can

Remember i am a newbie so dont go too rough on me