I was out of the gym for along time and I let myself get into pretty disgusting shape.About 4 months ago I started to do somthing about it and im pleased to say I have lost 61lbs.

A big part of my weight loss program was joining an on line support group and it gave me a lot of motivation. Problem is the people there dont understand when I complain of losing two inches from my arms,they think thats a good thing.OK in my case I guess it was but I want my arms back.I have had to face the truth,I didnt just gain weight I gained weight and lost muscle.

I thought I had to lose about 40lbs from 262 to return to my collage weight.Well im 201 today and still have a bit of a gut,I lost a lot of muscle over the years.I did the obvios thing and started to lift again.Its going pretty well,I am getting stronger and a bit of the build is returning.

So I came here hoping to find the same suport I found on the diet site but from people who can relate to my desire to be strong too.Im 44 in september so I dont imagine It will be the same as it was in my twenties but I will give it everthing I have.I hope to lear some things about over 40 training here.

Thanks for reading this and good luck with your own efforts.

You found the right site bud! There are a lot of FFB (former fat boys) here who are busily packing on muscle, leaning down, or whatever.

Read up on the articles and such and if you have any questions, ask away. As long as you aren’t looking for a magic solution people here are pretty helpful.