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Does D-bol work? I have searched the site and I cant really find any info about it. I saw it on a website, but I dont know if its real or not. Thanx in advance for help!!

Seeing as this is the persons first post… im thinking its a joke… surely it must be

Just search this site (faq’s on steroids is a good place to start) then search the net for a year. And forget that you asked this question.

ok, i am in a nice mood so i hope your not a troll. search for, find and read each…

-Steroids for Dummies

-Steroids For Health

-Mr. Natural Visits the Dark Side

-Constructing a Steroid Cycle ? Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV

-Cycling ? It’s Not Just for Steroids Anymore

-Getting the Gear ? Part I, Part II

-Steroids, The New Rules

-Confessions of a Steroid Bootlegger

-The Two Faces of Juarez ? Part I, Part II

-Steroid Dieting

-The Thyroid Handbook

-The Steroid Cookbook ? Part I, Part II

-The Finasol Experience

-Julia Child on the Juice ? Part I, Part II

since you are a NEWBIE, the last thing you should be doing is looking at steriods or the like.

just check out the “me and my MAG-10” thread.

If you found it for sale on a website it’s fake. There are a whole shitload of companies that screw with the name and spelling then sell you a bunch of shit. Stuff like D-Bol instead of dainabol or 10 bol instead of deccabolin. I don’t even know much about juice, but there is actualy an article warning about this in the archives.
Any help from the archivists?

I assumed the title to indicate a NEWBIE to gear, not to lifting and decided to help out. I probably shouldn’t have assumed, probably turn out to be a troll.
Never ASSUME it makes an ASS out of U and ME.

Apologies for the Lame joke and possible feeding of another fat troll