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Newbie Wondering About Clomid/Parlodel


Hello everyone,

I'm not into steroids at all (yet?), but i am wondering something.

I have seen people mentionning clomid here a few times, and my wife used to take clomid and parlodel while we were trying to have a kid.

Now we have one, but there are still a few tabs left of those stuffs.

I think i understood that clomid is usually used to boost testosterone after a steroid cycle, to avoid shrinked testicles etc.

Now my question is, does Clomid offer anything, even slightly when we don't take any steroid at all ?

Is Parlodel (Bromocriptine) useful at all in a training ?

If you know what those drugs could add to my training, even though, i don't use any steroid, let me know.

I am just curious, as i have read a few threads in the past mentionning those products, coupled to roids tho.

If they can be helpful, i think i would take them..




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Thank you.

i will take a few clomid pills for the sake of making sure my test level is at his best, but that's it..

no chocolate for me then.. nor because of parlodel... doh


You should just toss them, I see no logic in taking clomid when (1) you're not coming off of a cycle and (2) the few tabs you have probably equal less than 3 days worth of pct.

  • Assuming you have less than 5 pills dosed at 50mg.


Its hard to tell if people are jokeing or serious on the internet; is this true?


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I have 10 pills of 50 mg (Clomid).


LOL, awsome.
Look at this also: http://www.zug.com/pranks/viagra/index5.html


check out Cy Willson's post in the authors locker room, one of his post has a link to a study where clomid substantially boosted testosterone in young males.


Thank you!

Should i take half a pill twice a day
(0,25 *2) or one 0,5 mg per day? more ?

I am gonna try that, can't do much worse either..

Btw, what would pills of Estedrol do to me ? (i found that other medics my wife used to take), i have seen Estedrol mentionned a few times here, i am not sure it would help at all, actually, it would do bad i believe.

damn newbie me..:slightly_smiling: