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Newbie with Script But Scared

42 year old male - three T tests under 300 over past two years. with androgel script… 30 pounds overweight. feel like i have been low T most of my life. always soft body - never able to get lean muscle even in college playing hockey every day and lifting weights.

afraid to start androgel - what it I lose 30 pounds on adrogel and then wish to stop to see if my lower weight body will generate higher levels only to realize my own T system has been forever destroyed. The life long nature of this is the freaky part. And that you are damaging a vital system of your own.

Should I not try every natural remedy first before I go on a for life medical drug. I hate the idea of forever being tied to docs and scripts…

… but I hate being depressed, and no libido, and difficulty losing weight… so in a quandry. If I knew I could come off Androgel and test my own T down the road without it being damaged that would make this easier. But once you start that is it … for life… daunting.

So - any advice on these thoughts.

What if I lose 30 pounds, and do Maganesium and zinc supplements. That work at all?

Any ideas. Many thanks, jcm.

An AI like Arimidex may increase your free Test by lowering your Estrogen levels - if you’re overweight that could be an issue. Others on this site like ksman would have more knowledge about the effectiveness of this type of treatment. You really want your test to be in the high-normal range for best long-term health and well-being.

You need a proper lab panel.
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