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Newbie With Questions On EDT

been reading around and I just bought Staley’s book and wanted to try it but I wanted to add some things too. I wanted to switch up some of his exercises and kind of add my own, but I’m not sure if this is good as I’m kinda new. can anyone offer advice on this workout?

today I did this as EDT:

overhead squats and pullups
bar curls and tri pressdowns

then I added 3x10 back extension and situp with weights

wed I think I’ll do this EDT:

dumbell snatches left and right
bench presses and bar rows

then I’m not sure what to add here.

I’m trying to firm up my core and bulk a little but basically maintaining good shape. I haven’t really worked out since the service, so I’m “lean” I guess you’d say. 6’ 180 don’t know bodyfat. thanks!

EDT for DAMN sure can lean you up if your not eating like TWO horses and using compounds like you are. Great program though.

First, with compounds like you are using I would say go three weeks and then a break thats what Charles had suggested I do. I have a thread around on the EDT I did if you do a search using compounds.

I think those days look good. As a whole just try and strike a balance in the body as a whole over the complete weekly training cycle. you dont have to everyday. Just try and get as much pushing as pulling, upper and lower etc through the entire week.

As for stuff to add to that wednesday. maybe something for the legs. another pr for quads and hams, or even a few more traditional sets just to hit them. you’ll be getting SOME in the snacthes but not much.

Once again do a search for that thread I had lots of Good info. there Charles chimed in a few times and Man it was brutal but I loved it and sure as hell leaned me out and I was eating a TON.

I think the Title was something like “My EDT Critique” or something of the sorts.
Hell here it is had it in my subscribed topics.


Hope that helps,