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Newbie with Picture. Advice Please


Hi there i'm new here been coming here often and decided to join up.
here are some pictures i took to day,
i wanna ask how do i get that diamond shape calf. my calfs looks strange what do you guys think?

also what do you guys estimate my arm size is? i really wanna get big arms im looking to reached 17inch by age 25.
Currently 22, and very poor student.


here is my arm picture


The shape of your calf is largely determined by genetics. Basically, all you can do is make an effort to add as much muscle as possible.

Seriously, why don't you simply measure it?

By the way, how tall are you? What's your routine and diet like?


thanks for the fast reply, yea i have fork out and buy some measuring tapes or borrow some at the uni gym. oh thats not good to hear i will never get diamond shape calfs.


Actually I used to have the same look to my calves that you do, mostly because the only work they got was from sprinting, once I started working the lower parts it started forming a much more appealing shape. So when you do calf raises be sure to go as high as you can with them but also as low as you can, not just parallel.


full body pic rather than just body parts with ur shirt on

i mean at least a front double bi


when will you post pics of the other arm and leg? stop teasing


How about you post up a front spread of your avatar, pretty please??


hah i wish i had one


good bis, be sure to work forearms in proportion to them w reverse curls, grip, and wrist curls etc


diamond shape = more soleus = more seated calf raises


Also, if you lose body fat after you gain some muscle, your calf will get more definition in it and you should get that separation in the middle of it.


Maybe he is like the guy in "Lady in the Water." You know the guy who had one side of his body HUGE and the other side was average. He just curled with one arm.

I bet that is what he does. Single arm and single leg work. I wonder if it is the same side or maybe opposite arm to leg. Better for balance.


If so, then we have to cut his 2.0 down to a 1.


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