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Newbie with Low Testosterone

Got results today of testosterone at 80l and free at 16.2. Got a consultation at an anti aging clinic next week on what to do.

Wish me luck.

Thats close to mine. I was 71 and 14 and working construction. Luckily I was able to maintain decent muscle because its like working out all day but after like a month on TRT I really blew up. Now almost 3 months in and I Just started going to the gym yesterday and did a half hour on the machines and a half hour on the bike then daycare came and got me because one of my kids was freaking out. Feeling a little sore this morning but im ready to head back in there in a little bit maybe just to ride the bike so i dont hurt myself for work tomorrow. I never would have had the energy or drive for that before TRT.

Going to four ever young clinic tomorrow, wish me luck.