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Newbie with Labs - Trying to Dial in Dosages

Been lurking here for a while and finally posting my labs for any advice. Originally i went to a urologist as i was having a vasectomy and thought it was logical. after some argument about not using creams or pellets he eventually agreed to 100io every 2 weeks and no HCG or anastrozole. Subsequently, i sought out a general practitioner willing to work with me but didn’t want to write a new T script…but did eventually prescribe HCG (500MG every 3 days) as well as anastrozole. I do break up the dose bi-weekly which is pretty annoying b/k of the small size of each dose. My thoughts, after reading through the stickies, was that my HCG may be too high and my T rx low. my labs are below.

T Total 393
T free 75
E tot S 105.3
estradiol 21
LH .2
FSH .2
PSA sulfate 195
PSA total 1.2
prolactin 8.3
DHEA sulfate 195

*before anastrozole my numbers had jumped up to 1054 TT, 251 FT, and 60 estradiol. And that was on the 100iu every 2 weeks. Also i do feel better. initially lost 10-15 pounds but have been traveling a lot for work and diet has not been dialed in. But i feel stronger, getting better workouts, and no real complaints. Seeing doctor again shortly

Relative to your last dose, when were these labs pulled?

No need to order these once on TRT.

To be clear, is this 25mg test twice weekly, anastrozole twice (how much?) and hCG twice?

i should have been more clear. 25mg test twice, hcg twice .5ml on same day (was actually told to mix but i take the hug sub cutaneous), and 1 anastrozole pill per week at 1mg.

full labs i gave were 3/26. previous full labs were 1/27/19 with high T and E.

I meant how many days after your testosterone injection did you have the blood pulled.

These would be high levels if the blood was drawn 13 days after your 100mg injection.

Probably within a day or two. I didn’t know I was going to give blood at the visit. He said it was high as well and asked the same question. Then said injection was probably too close to the tests. Thought the E was too high and started anastrozole.

so you’re taking 50 mg test a week , rite there is your problem . You’ll prob be worse off than when u started . How your levels were that high off that dose is ridiculous .

You need to learn measurments, volumes and dosages before you go any furthur with any of this stuff. You sound very confused about all of that stuff and you will not be able to apply anyone’s advice and you can’t differentiate between mcg, mgs, mls, iu ECT.

So underlying issue is my urologist rx’d the t but nothing else. I went to the other doc bk I had no faith in the urologist really working with me. But my doc prefers to finish the script from urologist b4 switching to his. so kind of stuck with the low dosage until it runs out.

Then find a new Dr. Ask your Dr what the point of shutting you down and medicating you to lower than baseline levels is. Finishing the other Drs script makes no sense unless he agrees with that protocol in which case you have a big problem on your hands sticking with that Dr.

The labs need to be right before your shot. At trough. Taking them 2 days after the shot is going to give some screwey numbers that will cause you problems with your doctor because they will not make sense.

Before declaring lab results high of low, one needs to consider when the blood was drawn relative to the injection. For being drawn a day or two after the injection, those numbers are low, especially since you’ll be waiting two weeks for your next dose.

Estradiol will drop on its own in the days after the injections. Be careful with anastrozole.

Appreciate the responses. I’m in the process of getting a new doc but it’s obviously a long process. My take away is mainly that everyone agrees my dosage is light in the Test area, which was my assumption. However with a free T reading of 75 current doc arguing I’m fine. And honestly my symptoms aren’t really an issue at the dosage but would like to see further improvements