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Newbie with Injection Questions


Hi all, I hope I am posting in the right place for this, if not please point me in the right direction, since I mis-posted last time in Injection protocol thread.

I have a question on Testosterone Cyprionate injections. My doc started me on 200mg shots every 2 weeks. First shot I had good results in a day or so, high libido, energy etc. As many have experienced on here, it tapered off after 5-6 days. Based on a lot of posts I have read, I got my doc to switch me to 100mg weekly. I am 2 days in now and don't seem to be getting the same results as I was before (due to the lower dose I am sure). From all I have searched, twice weekly or so seems to be the best interval. At this point I can not get them to let me self inject (he is trying), so I can't split the shots to anything less than once a week. Has anyone else had this happen to them on the 100mg a week dose or are you getting good results? Would the a 200 mg dose per week be the best case scenario for me if he will agree with it? Thanks in advance for any replies or suggestions.


No doubt the 200mg gave you the feeling you experienced. 200mg a week is quite high of a dose and there are not too many people on here doing 200mg/week from what I have seen.

You already know that splitting doses is the best way to go. For a start it would be recommended to take 100mg a week and take it from there. Check levels after a month and see where you are at.

How far do you live from the doctor? Maybe 2 trips to his office a week and get 50mg each time? As multiple trips to the doctor would be a PITA. Best option for you is to self medicate and hopefully you will get that option.

How long were you on the 200mg every 14 days protocol?
Are you also monitoring E2?
What was latest blood work like?


I started with 200mg/week and saw amazing results for about 3 weeks. I didn't feel a crash or anything at the end of each week. But I developed a different problem you will also read that others run into. The big swing between test in my system on day one versus the drop off until the next dose a week later and then another injection, caused quick and huge increases in my estrogen.

That then cause the Test to stop working well, I felt like before, and my BP went up and I was retaining a ton of water. E2 went from 32 PG/ML when I started the program to 110 PG/ML a month later. If you aren't already on it you will likely also need an AI of some kind.

Based on my results and side effects, if you go to 200mg you would need to split them up and also get on an AI. Get it checked soon anyhow because it may already be off quite a bit.

I am now injecting 80mg twice a week for 160mg total.



Thank for the replies. I just did one 2 week period on the 200mg dose so far, had the 100mg last Fri. Due to how far I work from the Dr, i cant make it twice a week unless he will let me self inject. The last tests I had were a week after I stopped Androgel and went to Test C, he wants me to retest after 5 shots with a full work up. I have access to Tamoxifen, would that be a good estrogen blocker choice? If so any idea what dosage? Great site you all have going here!


Honestly, if I were you I'd be talking to the doc regarding self injections. Even at 100mg/week, you would probably be better off injecting E3D and that becomes quite a drag if you had to drive to the doc a couple times a week.

I am on 150mg/week and I inject 75mg on Tuesday evening and 75mg on Saturday a.m. with .5mg Arimidex with every injection.

Can't comment on the Tamoxifen but this is something else I would talk to your doc about. Did he run labs on your E2 levels?


As far as an AI you would be better off with something like Arimidex or Aromasin. Definitely talk with your doctor about an AI as you might most probably need it.



I was on the 200 dose for 2 weeks. After a week off Androgel before injections tests were:

Total Test =249.5
Free T4=.84

He wants to retest after 4 more shots, and is not comfortable with HCG or AI issues. I would have to get those on my own or get a referall to an Endo or Urol for it and hope they are educated. I am going to miss a shot this week already, due to travel too dammit. More reasons to self inject...


I think in your best interest you might need to find a better doctor who is a little more comfortable with AI issues. As you mention maybe the referral to the Uro might help and they might be on top of things a little more.

Just keep in mind you might need the AI if your E2 starts rising with your Test. Worse thing for you would be not having access to an AI and needing it. That would be a PITA and you would want to avoid that situation if you could.

As of now your E2 is at 32 and what is advocated on here as being ideal is around the 22 mark. So you will most likely need to monitor this closely.

Your Testosterone sucks but you have access to test. All you need now is to nail down the AI and HCG and be able to self inject and you should be on your way.

Make sure to post your lab results after the 5 weeks.

Free T4 what was the range?


Hey guys,

Free T4 was .84...Sorry it took me so long to respond (I was on travel). They have the T4 range at 0.81 - 1.54 . I agree about the Dr being ill prepared for this but with HMO's it's always a gamble. I may try to ask around and see if I can find a specialist who is more familiar with these issues as you suggested. Looks like they are REALLY opposed to self injections, my Doc is for it but his Supervisor (female) doesn't think "it's a good idea."

I bet she would if she was the one needing estrogen-lol. He is polling some other docs to see what he can find out in the meantime. The nurse who did my last shot said she has seen at least one patient who was allowed to self inject. Even crazier is the fact that my girl friend is a nurse Supervisor for another division of the same HMO and SHE would be doing the shots for me. I will watch the E2 closely and will post the next results when I get them. Thank you all for the input so far..I appreciate it.