Newbie With Diet Questions

Hey Guys

been checking out this board for awhile… signed up today…

OK in a nutshell I am 6’2 6’3 and in April I went to the Dr. and weighed in at a whopping 275lbs Yes… Luckily I have a pretty wide frame and my weight seems distributed evenly, all my friends could not believe I weighed 275lbs… I then cut out all my beloved Mt.Dew and alot of other fatty foods and cleaned the diet a bit… bought a Mountain bike… Currently I am weighing in at 250lbs… not shabby for not working to hard…

Here is my goal and you guys can tell me if I am over reaching or not… Next summer I want to go to the beach and if not have Abs showing, atleast have a board flat stomache… I want to build up body some (not freakish)…

My problem is I have NEVER been a gym member before and to be honest… weight excercises and even the directions on websites confuse the heck out of me… OK 3 sets of 12 do I do twelve, then another exercise then twelve more? or rest for a minute then 12 more?

At any rate… I need some diet help like if I could see some of you guy’s diet plans like what you eat daily… so I can devise my own… I am about to leave to finally cross the obstacle and join the Gym… (Gold’s… its close to home so I can hit it often with little excuses).

I don’t care if I have to hit the gym daily, eat rice cakes for the rest of my life, etc… I am determined and when I put my mind to something I WILL get it, I just want to do it healthy and something I can live with forever I know diet is more of a lifestyle change then a fad do this for 6 weeks deal… been there never worked well anyway… I really don’t miss the food I use to eat Although I still partake in some occasionally… but the Soda… I traded it in for water and now soda taste so damn sweet I can hardly drink one… No less my normal 6 Mt.Dew a day (Hey I am a IT worker, its pretty normal)…

Any help is well appreciated… Ok Off to the gym… wish me luck


Join wrestling that will make you lose weight and get u really toned, thats what I did.

if thats out of the question. I liek to start the day with…

meal 1~ oatmeal multivitamin pill and 5 eggs

meal 2~lunchtime 12grain bread sandwhich with chicken slices not cold cut turkey or ham becuz there is less sodium. A salad and a small cheat sweet can’t hurt either :slight_smile:

meal 3~ post workout or if u don’t workout this can be around 4 protein shake and creatine mixed with gatorade or just put the creatine in ur shake.

meal 4~ 6 o clock (dinnertime) 4 eggs or tuna or fish and a good carb liek rice or sumthin . Pretty much anything less fatty and filled with protein

u can always do some cardio afterwards to help metabolize your food so u can be sure ur food is digested fast, efficient and doesn’t get stored as much as fat.

then sometimes i like to end that day with fat free yogurt but i hear good and bad things about dairy so watch out for that

drink lots of water and don’t take in so much sodium

you can even eat an on the go low carb protein bar but remember there are good carbs which u need for muscle recovery and energy!

I’m no expert thats for damn sure but I hope this helps diets aren’t fun but work hard and eat what u like that works for you to make it enjoyable

buy the book by Dr. Franco Columbo on nutrition its got the right principles
“the Bodybuilder’s Nutrition BOok”

Hi Daver,

I’m not going to give you a specific diet to follow because (1) I don’t know what you like to eat (and this is important; you have to enjoy eating), (2) I don’t know how much physical activity you get, and (3) I don’t know what food is most available to you. I will, however, provide some general suggestions that you can keep in mind as you find what diet works best for your goals and your life.

-Be sure to consume adequate nutrients. Don’t neglect a food group; they each provide nutrients that are all essential to good health.

-Find the right balance among those food groups. Yes, eating tons of tuna and steak all day will ensure you get anough protein, but if you eat that much protein, chances are that you aren’t getting enough of other nutrients. Balance ensures adequacy.

-Choose nutrient-dense foods. Get the biggest nutritional bang for your kilocalorie buck. You’re headed in the right direction by eliminating soda, which is an empty-calorie food. Other steps you can take is opting for lowfat dairy and meat, eating fruit instead of candy when you are craving something sweet, putting flavored vinegars on salad instead of dressing, etc.

-Incorporate a variety of nutritious foods. This also helps to ensure that you are consuming adequate amounts of nutrients. Plus, variety keeps things interesting.

-Understand that it’s sometimes okay to have foods that aren’t incredibley, if at all, healthy for you. One treat won’t ruin a whole diet full of healthy choices. Shame usually just ends up in a downward spiral anyway. Be disciplined but not so hard on yourself that you are miserable. Like I said, you have to enjoy eating if any diet is going to work for you.

These tips are very general, I know, but they are also flexible. Besides, it’s impossible to tell you all particular aspects of a healthy diet. If you have specific questions about foods and/or nutrients, PM me. I’d be glad to help.

Best of Luck