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Newbie With a Question

First of all Hi to everyone.

I stumbled onto this site while searching for different diet plans. Seems to be a lot of great info. on here.

A little prelude to my question. I am 6’ even and currently weigh about 215. I just graduated college with a degree in firefighting and am looking for a job in that field. I normally am around 195-200 and because of school stress, work, family, and recently moving I have not been able to get much of any excercise in.

My question is: I am looking to start an anerobic program and don’t know where to start. I normally do bodybuilding exercises for mass.

My body hates to do any sort of running or longevity activities. I have enough power to perform all job functions and I think that I have an elevated amount of muscle power, but the prob. is that I cannot sustain it for a long period of time. Thus I am changing my workout programs and trying to improve my weakness. I have set a goal for myself to run in a triathalon within a years time.

any help on this would be great. what supplements would help with recovery and longevity and also what exercises.


I think the principle of specificity will apply here.

Going for mass and going for endurance are not the same thing. You’ll have to sacrifice progress in one for the other.

You’ll also have to start doing endurance work whether you enjoy it or not.

Search out some articles talking about HIIT (high intensity interval training), it seems to be a good way to acquire cardio related adaptations without doing cardio for long periods of time.

Maybe one of our local traithalon competitors will jump in and give you some better advice.