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Newbie Trying to Bulk Up


Hey guys, I'm 19 years old and about 150-155 pounds and about 8% body fat (yes very skinny). Im basically just looking for information on good exercises for bulking up upper body (mainly arms and abs) and also good foods and shakes to eat/make for protein intake maybe a good routine to follow. Sorry for the newbie question.

Any advice helps, Thanks


if only there was a website that had articles written by experienced professionals on all of those topics......... But alas you must rely on strangers without verifiable credentials.


Even better go to the BEGINNERS FORUM rite here on this VERY WEBSITE... THE top five or so threads are "stickies" that always remain at the top of that forum. REAL ALL OF THEM! There is even one there called "bulking tips for newbies" or something like that. No kidding! Sounds like just the thread for you to read OP.



Dont worry about where you're trying to bulk up.

You should be focused on just putting on size. If you're a real 8% bf then you can afford to put on a bit of fat in the process. Aim to eat around 3500 kcals a day of clean food, mainly protein, startchy carbs and good fats. I'm not going to give you examples of each of these foods cause like the guys already said there's plenty of sources for that kind of info on this very site.

As far as exercises - Squat, dead lift, bench, overhead press, pull ups and rows.

Thats all you need for at least the first year basically, if you want to chuck in some curls and tri-extensions for good measure it certainly wouldnt hurt but the above exercises should be your main focus.

What program are you following at the moment and how long have you been lifting?