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Newbie Training Questions

New to the forum and have some basic questions. I’m 41, 6 ft, 180-185 lbs, in fairly good shape (except for those love handles).

Have been working out for quite some time (nothing hard core), but not happy with the results. Varying it every month or so, I have been doing a split then a full-body routine, but now I am doing the following, because I’ve read that recovery time is more important as you get older. However, it just does not feel like enough.

flat bench
incline db press
close grip bench
tricep pushdown

db shoulder press
db lateral raise

lat pulldown
bent rows
upright rows
db curls

HIIT - sprint/walk

All are 4x5 with a fairly heavy weight(I workout alone, so can’t push it that much). Is working a muscle group once a week enough? Should I up the reps or sets? I’m not a hard core lifter, just want to add some lean muscle, so please go easy on me. Any input is appreciated. Thanks!!

To give those offering advice more info to go on, you’ll probably want to post your diet also :wink:

If you like the split you have at the moment, try looking at this article:

I don’t know how long you’ve kept your set/rep scheme for but if you’re unhappy with your results a little change can do no harm. (unless you’re just too bloody impatient!)

What are you eating?
You’ll need plenty of calories and protein to build muscle. Plus a good diet will help with recovery.

What results are you expecting?
Do you want to get stronger, bulk up, get leaner?

There were sevral articles recently about set/rep combinations. Look in the archive. There are tons of great programs in there as well.

Thanks for the input!!! I only switched to this routine recently. I realize I should be patient, but I was more concerned with the once/week thing. I guess I’ll just have to give this a few weeks to see how I feel.

On the diet, I eat fairly good, but not real clean and have been slacking on breakfast. I do enjoy beer and I know that diet is one area that is important and I guess I will have to focus on improving it.

I basically would like to get leaner(and lose the love handles)… fat loss with muscle gain - I know that’s tough especially at my age.

I guess I have to be more patient and work a little harder. Thanks again for the input!!

First off recovery for older lifter is important but you can avoid that by taking a week off every 4 to 6 weeks. Forget about the 1 bodypart a week routine. One month do fullbody and the next do a lower/upper routine. Vary your rep schemes example on fullbody on Mon do 5x3 reps Wed do 3x 10/12 reps and Fri. 4x6/8. Cardio on off days say Tu/Th/Sat. I’ve been lifting for 38 years I’ll be 52 in Aug. I can say this there are plenty of good workout routines on this site (Staley-Waterbury-Robertson-Cressy-Dan John)Spend sometime in the search engine