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Newbie to Training - Bay Area Local Coach Needed

Hi folks:
My first post here. So bit of introduction- I am new to weight lifting. My current fitness revolves around running (I race half marathons) so only some body weight training and bit of dumbbells couple of times a week. I have been doing this for many years.

I would like to start training but I am looking for a good trainer who can help me learn textbook forms for all basic lifts, design/sign off on a solid program such as 5x5 (or some version of it) and guide on nutrition (I log what I eat and strive to consume calories through real food) and help me achieve my strength training goals without injuries, with progressive overload.
I live in Bay Area - would you recommend any trainer that can help me achieve the goals?
I tried looking on Yelp but personal recommendations would go long way.
Any suggestions?
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