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Newbie to This Site, Beast in the Gym. Advice for First Cycle?


Hello you incredible specimens of human living organisms,

My name is Daz, I have been training for 8 years, I was in fantastic shape back in 2014, but, I got a girlfriend and had a little boy, thus, lost my definition, but not my size. I have tried for the past year to rectify this, and it has come to the point where I need a little extra. So, I am here.

Now, I am new to steroids, I have done my research, but as you are all aware, we are all different and individuality means we react differently to different stimulants etc. So, if I ask a question that appears to be ‘stupid’ or ‘newbie-esque’, well, it is because I am a newbie… we all have to learn at some point - I have seen some very rude, non-appropriate and abusive posts to people seeking information. Imagine a world were we were all aggressive to the inferiorly knowledge idiviuals…no need for that oppression.

Anyway, my main goal is to cut fat… it’s as simple as that. I do not mind adding size etc etc, but I want my damn abs back!

I want to do an oral-only cycle… Anavar for 8 weeks on 60mg e/d with Nolva 20mg e/d for 2 weeks (pct). I do not want to take test, I know the arguments for and against… I have also contemplated Clen, which I have heard amazing things about for cutting.

So, is this oral-only cycle a good way to cut? Am I missing anything vital? Are the MGs enough?

I appreciate any information that is given to me…

Daz :slight_smile:


I don’t agree with oral only cycles. I strongly suggest running test. The Var will suppress test levels over time. You definitely do not want that!! You said you researched… It takes about 5 minutes of research to see that an Anavar only cycle is not exactly the brightest idea. Your proposed dosage seems fine. The 60mg of anavar is enough e/d. Just make sure you split your dosages because the half life of Var is short. When I run Var, I split my dosages into 3 times a day.

Also, if you just wanna cut down, why not just diet? Anavar is really expensive for someone who just wants abs. That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. You aren’t prepping for a contest or anything. There are better ways to get into shape besides popping some expensive ass Var. I love the stuff… But I also use it for show prep, not because I think its cool to see my abs for no reason.

Clen is a cheaper route if you just wanna cut. But in the end it is all about diet and training. You can be on the best drugs and get shit results if those two things aren’t good.

Also, you didn’t post any stats as far as your age, weight, BF%, diet, training, or anything really… These are pretty important things for someone to post if they are claiming they want help FYI. The more info you can give the better answers you’ll get… You are a beast in the gym? let’s see some numbers!!!


I appreciate your time to comment.

I agree with what you are saying. I have hit a plateau in relation to diet and fat loss. I am very stringent on what I eat and how much of it I do - I have recently found out I am lactose intolerant, thus, I am now more cautious in what I eat/drink.

I am 25 years old. 14-16% bodyfat. Diet is on point (IMO), training is also very solid (Push/Pull/rest/Push/Pull). I am 5ft 8.

I know many people do not like oral only cycles, and people also do not agree a cycle without test. I get that - but as it is my first cycle, I really want to stick to a simpler approach to my first cycle.

What would you suggest as an alternative to Anavar (as I am aware that it is expensive)? Would you suggest I do a clen cycle instead of anavar/or an alternative?


Honestly, as far as the simplest approach, Test would be the way to go. It alone can help the body tremendously, whether you want to cut or bulk. And its wayyyy cheaper than alot of orals.

Clen isn’t an AAS. It is a thermogenic… Basically a diet pill that actually works.


Right, I am going to go for a Winstrol 60mg e/d cycle for 8 weeks with Nolva 20mg for pct of 2 weeks… in your honest opinion, disregarding test, will this be effective?


What type of diet? I’ve read a lot of contest ready body builders get on keto or something low carb to cut the last few pounds.

I agree with moose, change the diet it and don’t run just orals. As for Clen, I tried it for a few weeks, shit works, but I was to paranoid with my high BP (it’s “normal” with my BP meds, but I don’t want to stress it out too much).


Fair enough. Cheers for your comments.


so you want to do a cycle but oral only? lmao not sure if trolling or serious, unless you want quality and keepable gains i suggest you man up and take some needles into your buttcheeks, with orals only not only will your gains leave your body faster than some bad chipotle but the after effects and liver damage will have some severe effects on you.

You mention winny, clen, and anavar…do you even know what bad winny use can do to you ? and you also want to do oral only cycle, i suggest you research more online from reputable sources before you mess up your body mental and physically.

Not tryng to be a dick bro, but a lot of people post here their first cycles and always want to run harsh and fast acting compounds like dbol then post 2-3 weeks later why they got so many sides and what dbol has done to them… this wont be any different, research more and run a quality test cycle with no orals you will gain 100x better results…and keepable strength.

Heres a basic and potent cycle:

12 weeks

1-12 500mg test-e or c 2 shots per week mon/thurs or sun/wed 3 days apart pin at morning asoon as u wake up

Aromasin every day 12-15 or 20mg eod or e3d

if you want to have more kids take some hcg 500iu for 2 weeks after last pin then start pct… research more on this specifically if u decide to take that route.

2 weeks after last pin start PCT with nolva or clomid, i prefer nolva, 50/50/25/25 or 40/40/20/20 (depending on tab sizes)

once you come off you will most likely want to run it again… now this is when u start slowly adding more harsh compounds… lower doses…etc… Anyways nobody ever truly decides wow that was enough gains i think i will stop now…SIKE, you will always want to keep taking it because REAL test makes you feel like an animal at all times, after pct you will get rebound and feel like shit and your test might even drop for a few months this can cause a lot of emotional issues for your family i mean are you seriously ready for this lifestyle?

Many people think they will be like oh fuck it i pass bootcamp i am a marine bla bla lmao once your estro crashes you will feel worse than anything, once you snap at your wife or kid because you cant control your emotions you will know what i mean, i know men who cheated on their wifes because of test…i know dudes that have spent over 5,000$ on gyno surgery alone…gyno is considered “vanity” so no coverage btw… lmao just be ready bro these things im saying sound extreme but this shit happens ALL the time, just think about it…test has a way to magnify your real intentions so if you have anger issues already you will be worse, if you are an emotional guy you will cry at dumb shit… etc

Anyways your choice.


Okay, I have to thank you for the effort in your comment. I really appreciate it bro.

Tbh with you, for the time being, my main aim is to strip body fat, and with the correct training, diet and stimulants (Win/Nolva) then I hope to achieve this.

If I was to take some form of Test, what would you recommend with Win? I would consider adding this to my order (being sent tomorrow to me for Monday). I have ordered enough Win for an 8 week cycle with 50mg e/d (I have a good source for my gear tbh). I have Nolva for a 4 week pct (20mg per day),

However, you do say ‘man up’ But I can probably guess that a huge amount of users did not go straight into a stacked injectable cycle.


without test base you will be shutdown 2 weeks into your cycle maybe even sooner, winny has added effect of causing joint pains after stopping and truthfully the cutting effects are not that visible unless you are already 10% bf, truthfully if your only goal is to cut and are looking for steroids as an answer then you are very wrong, a good disciplined cut can get you some good results winny is a contest drug as many call it and only gives you that nice look but like i said earlier it only looks good when you are lower BF already.


Basically, you need to run test with orals… Its really simple to inject 2 shots of Test E a week and you are golden. its not like you are injecting loads of gear… 2cc tops… Lol I don’t even want to get into how many CC’s of gear I’ll do during prep… gotta pin bro.


Can you give me a reputable source for that claim?
If I am 10% and go to 8% then it is the same if I am 14% and go down to 12% - it is still helping me, isn’t it?


Where do you inject?

Do you have a suggested test that you would run with winny?


i am not allowed to post sources or even PM on the forum, admins were not happy with me last time lmao, all i can say is google abit they are not hard to find just stay away from evolutionary, those guys are like a cult.


I mean data for your statement for being shut down in two weeks? Haha yeah I have seen them mofos!


i like to use reddit, on the contrary to many peoples beliefs look at their AAS thread in specific they have many people who are very well informed and have already answers for your questions, look at peoples post cycle experiences and look at what happened when they ran same thing, google winny only cycle on reddit and you will see the sides people had for an example.


additionally, you can find injection guides anywhere, i will make it brief.

You can inject buttocks and quads pain free , needles i go with 1" people who pin buttocks with 1.5" usually think they need all that needle to reach the muscle unless you have 1 solid inch of fat covering your ass cheek you dont need it.

pin size most use 23-25 even up to 27… the higher number the thinner the needle, i use a 25g again contrary to popular belief many say it takes forever to draw the test but it doesnt lmao just pull the plunger all the way back… and let it fall in then measure… simple…

u can pin and draw with same needle… just have some steady hands because the tip of the needle gets damaged VERY easily… can cause scar tissue…

you always want to pin in mornings when blood is most stable before eating… and if u take orals… take them 1 hr with food pre workout… and never workout before sleeping… lets just say if you eat very close to sleep the night sweats can become quite a bitch when u got to clean the sheets every 2-3 days

just some basics bro… google abit and you will know everything its just too much to write


Really appreciate it bro


How much test should I run with 50mg of winny?


@moosejuice0311 I wanna know how many CC’s?