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Newbie to this Forum and Overall Nutrition


Hi, i`m new to this forum and overall nutrition and supplementation..

I`m 19 years old, 6'7", 187 lbs.
I was training 6 times per week (krav maga, real hard practices we had military instructors training us), i am making pause this month and im focusing on stretching, cardio 2x per day, and some pushups/abs training..

Now, i stopped drinking and i really want to make some changes in my diet and would really like some advices my plan is to: naturally raise my T-lvl and pretty much get into shape again(in last 50days i drank 30+, really hurts my straight and stamina).. At the end of this month im going back to train krav maga and from next month we start with MMA 6 trainings per week..

So what should i start taking of vitamins and minerals(i heard zinc and vitamin c really help boosting T lvls)? I also got advice to start using Kre-alkalyn because im not power lifting and that regular mono-hydrate creatine wont do much for me. what do you think?

thanks in advance, be free to post me links(you dont have to write it all) where i can read about it :slightly_smiling:


go to the "beginners" forum all the info you want is in there


also eat pork/steak/lamb - good meat with plenty of saturated fat in it


But most threats in "beginners" are about training and lifting, i just need nutrition advices and your opinion on taking kre-alkalyn?

is there a tread that summaries it all?


if you say so... i've never seen a difference in performance (of any type) when using the two so i just stick with Biotest's micronized monohydrate - i actually like it a lot.

i think in your case creatine "pyruvate" would be your best bet although it is more expensive


You have really dumb friends or you are taking advice from a supplement sales rep.

^^^This video has the creatine and ZMA answers your after.


Why do you want to boost T-levels? To get stronger, bigger and leaner? Try lifting weights, it does the same job but better and cheaper.

You're 19 years old, your testosterone levels are fine, the problem is you.


Why do i want to boost T-levels? Well i want to get stronger and bigger, but i dont want to lose on my speed and agility by lifting weights so i was wondering if i get proper diet and get my t lvls up i can gain some muscle weight with workout i all ready am doing..


no. a couple push ups and sit ups a day will not do anything for muscle.

and why cant you be explosive and have muscle? ever see an NFL running back


AWESOME VIDEOS.. haha.. These should be added to a sticky in beginners thread.. lol


Force = Mass x Acceleration

Unless your trying to make a weight class I recommend concentrating on the amount of force you can generate while holding accelerations constant. AKA; increase mass.

Please see attached video for force reference:
^F-ing Great^