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Newbie to the Site


Hey Bro's

I'm new to this site. Just wanted to ask a question. i have read a Columm In MD mag. By Dave Palumbo saying that you can use Test e or test c for cutting down. have u heard of this before Thanks guys

              Also doing a show in April. And was wondering What cycle you would run thanks



Test is test. It can be used during a fat loss phase.


For contest prep most choose test prop and then drop it a few weeks before the show. I believe the reason for this is because the test prop will clear faster than E or C, thus getting rid of the bloat a little sooner.

Give us some stats (age, experience, height/weight, previous cycles, etc.) if you want help with cycle planning.

It would also be best if you come up with your own plan, and your reasons for your choices, for us to look at. Us spoonfeeding you a cycle is not in your or our best interest.


Diet is what controls your physique not drugs. If your on test then you certainly can cut....different drugs will help you achieve your specific results better, but in the end diet is the key.

As far as what cycle to run I think you need to propose one with stats and age so that it may be critiqued.

We won't do your homework around here for you. The stickies are a great read.



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But you're the one with the contest prep experience so I doubt I'll have much more to say in this thread.


I got you guys and I appreciate the advice and honesty! Well Stats are 6'1, 273lbs, 15%bf, and 26yrs old. Been lifting for bodybuilding for 2 years and lifted for football my whole life well sence fresh year.

Only used ASS for about a year. Have used test e 500mg a week. for the frist cycle, 2nd was test prop 400mgs 8 weeks and tren 150mgs for 6 weeks. Have a great nutritionist. Made me a great diet. I try to run 8 on and 8 off seems to work great for me and some others that i know.

But what i was going to do for this show was run Test p or test e 500mgs a week and tren 300mgs a week. drop the test two weeks before the show and tren one week out.


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Thanks bro,
I get what you are sayin. I heard winny was bad for the liver too and i would like to stay away from that. When i took tren i got rock hard a lot harder then test. I have enough prop to do the job also hold water anyway so I'll need diuretics for droping the water anyhow. So guys thanks any other info to offer let me know .


I'd run the prop/tren through the show then imo...shedding water is going to be MUCH more difficult...but I'd personally rather go into a show 'on' instead of 'off'


your call tho.


Winny run for a short few weeks is not going to be that harmful to the liver. I ran a rather ridiculous amount of orals as well as a super high dose of letrozole (to try and get rid of a bit of existing gyno) and then halotestin at the end in the run up to my show. My liver values at the end (which should have been sky high) were only elevated a few points; and with some good nutrition and silymarin everything was back to normal after 2 more months.

Silymarin (from milk thistle) does, in my opinion, work. And will help with liver support. I have also heard from a very intelligent guy that coffee, of all things, is a fantastic agent for taking care of the liver.

All that said, if you are really worried about it, why not buy a single vial of masteron and start using it two to three weeks out. Then you can drop your other compounds and go in nice and dry and not have to worry about liver damage (which, for the record, I think is rather over-rated).


Not too worried about the liver. Just stating what i heared. Personaly i have never had elevated liver count.
But i have only ran 2 cycles. One test e 500mgs a week for 10 weeks. and test prop and tren for 6 weeks. that was just this last year. I really did not know how to cycle on and off till about 6 months ago my buddies around here. they all do strong man. they run 6 on and 2 off for the year lol and i know i did not what to do that. thanks bros


Planning to start my first cycle. Definetely test for 12 or 14 weeks at 500mg per week, and deca for 6 weeks at 200 mg. Originally considering d-bol but opted for deca instead. As well as nolva for pct. As far a deca is concerned, I read it is injected once per week. And since I am stacking with test is it better to use 200mg per week opposed to 300mg. Any suggestions would be great.


One suggestion would be to start your own thread instead of hijacking someone else's.


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