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Newbie to the board with an introduction

Sup everyone? I am Iron Heart. I’ve always been a fan of this site and decided to register on these boards. I’ve been training for a couple years now after having read everything I could on nurtition, cardio, lifting, supplementation, you name it. I am a very big fan of full body abbreviated routines so you will find me pimping them quite a bit. Anyhow it is nice to be here, and I hope to be a productive member of these boards.

Welcome Iron Heart. May you learn much and teach even more.


welcome to the best damn forumn in the WORLD!!!

Learn, use that learning in your own life, and then use that real world experience to inform others.

We must not simply learn but Do.

Anyway, it’s damn early and my mind was just taking a cruise.


Hi and welcome,
keep your mind open!