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Newbie to Steroids

Hi all, I am female, 52 years old with a high BF content. I gym 5 -6 days a week at doing 3 x bodypump and 2-3 days cardio high intensity. My doctor was happy with my weight loss but decided to give me anavar to tone and build lean muscle. my dosage is 5 mg x 100 tables with 2 repeats.

My question is : will anavar really do anything for me? I am hypothyroid so am on armour and have low/ fatigued adrenals - so have to supplement with methylprednisolone. I also am type 2 diabetic but am controlling that with diet and exercise. Just need a bit more info on the anavar as I’m not really sure what it’s supposed to do for me.

Thanks everyone.

Anavar is very mild Anabolic steroid popular with alot females as it usually if dosed low does not cause unwanted side effects of Anabolic steroids in females ( facial and body hair growth, changes to jaw structure, and so on and so on.) Luckily you get Anavar lfron a doctor so I assume its fairly cheap for you if you were having to buy from underground it can be somewhat expensive due to the fact it takes a fair amount to produce results in males.

Most females I know who have run it usually run roughly 5-10mg a day allowing them to increase muscle mass and strength. This in turn allows the body to burn more calories while at rest therefore allowing you to lose weight faster. Also is a popular drug due to the fact that very little if any bloat ever comes from it so its quite popular with bodybuilders or anyone looking to retain as much mass as possible while dieting to cut down for a comp or what ever the reason may be.

I am in no way a expert on Anavar although have done quite abit of research on it and oversaw more or less a 6 and 8 week cycle of the stuff my wife used in order to cut weight. Not sure what your resulted would be but in 6 weeks along with diet and powerlifting she took her weight from 142lbs to 129lbs while gaining 25lbs on her bench for total of 105lbs, 40lbs to her squat 145lbs total and pulled 185lbs deadlift for 2.

I hope this helped and if any of the information I put up top is wrong I can promise someone will correct me and I apologize.