Newbie to Site,Need Advice

Hello, I have been lifting on and off since I was 19, now 39. I am 6’ and a plump 235. When I do get to the gym I fall back on the same workout. I dont usually have trouble putting on muscle but as i age it is getting harder to take off the fat. Any suggestions as to a good workout to help me lose weight fast while putting on mass.

Any supplements ,suggestions are appreciated.

You have to change your diet. Go either the Atkins diet or the anabolic diet. Also on the days you workout do 20 minutes of cardio at the end of you weight lifting. Also on the days you don’t lift weights do at least a 30 min cardio session preferably twice a week on your days off.

My opinion:
Ketogenic diet with 1 - 2 refeed meal a week (breakfast and mid lunch right after each other) with a shit load of carbs no fats and 50 g solid protein in it.

45 minutes of fasted cardio in morning, Heart rate between 125-135.

Lift weights 3x a week.

Could do PWO of 30g waxy maize, 10g BCAA’s. But I would just keep no PWO for now.

I could go into more detail but that’s why people pay me…

It’s the diet not the workouts that is the problem.

Good luck!


[quote]retailboy wrote:

It’s the diet not the workouts that is the problem.



Eat like a motherfucker… best advice anyone ever gave me.


Basics, you should know what they are since you claim to have lifted since your were 19. Train like theirs now tomorrow. Hard and heavy. Eat like an animal. Repeat and repeat. On a side note, WORLD!! you’re back!

OK, nowhere near enough info.

How many calories do you currently eat. What is the macro nutrient split?

If you don’t know, write down everything you eat and drink for a week and post back later.

Next, what is your current workout plan looking like?

What about other lifestyle factors? What type of work do you do? What about your social life? Do you play any sports?

Without this info, there is no point anyone suggesting anything.

World? Growing Boy? I respect yall tremendously.

and World I love you, welcome back brother! This is out of forum love :wink:

But this guy is a ‘plump’ 235 6’. He is an ‘easy gainer’ - and your recommendations is to “eat like a ****” and “eat like an animal.”

He wants to lose fat and gain muscle.

With that information (due to so many factors cause of his body fat and body type). I’ve seen it time and time again, people like him just eat everything ‘to gain muscle’ and they do but with a lot of fat. This is because they just fill their mouth with a bunch of stuff no matter what their body really needs.

A lot of research shows we don’t need carbs to build muscle… there is no such thing as a ‘essential carbohydrate’ - essential fat yes! essential protein yes!.. that’s because our body is able to FULLY function without carbs using ketogenesis in the mitochondria of liver.

Ketogenesis produces ketones that your body uses as energy… no need for carbs - especially for the short effort/burst workouts we do.

I could go on and on about how using a version of a ketogenic diet will rip that fat off while allowing you to build muscle, but the information is all over the internet - just ask Christian Thib, he’s had GREAT success on it.

I’m not here to convince you or prove anyone wrong, there is a lot more ways to skin this cat. But I would put a lot on that low carbs is the way for you. Whether it’s cycling, keto, or what… stuffing your face with your presented body composition is just going to leave you as a fat blob with a little more muscle underneath… which will obviously be hidden.

If he was a 19 year old 6’ 160-170lb sure stuff your fucking face… but he’s a plump 6’235 39 year old! With a slowed metabolism/BMR/life long simple carb eating (effecting his insulin response) because of his age it even supports the ‘low carb route.’

I agree with Cockney, a little more info would be useful before we jump to conclusion what is best for you.

I could go on but my girl is calling me.

Hope this helps!


If thats the case RB, then I would have to say go with ketogenic diet. I’m not talking about some pansy bitch carb cycling. I’m talking something Dave Palumbo would condone. Cardio on empty in the morning for 30 and pyramid up from there to max out to 1hr, and somehow lift the same way he lifted when he was running carbs.

Thats what I did before I took the leap. Living fucking hell but coupled with my pony’s cough medication (clenbuterol)it ripped the fat off me. My two centavos.

Yep. Absolutely agree Growing Boy. What you said pretty much is in my first post.

Personally I like 3 re-feed meals right after each other once a week just carbs and protein.

I haven’t tried it with clen… maybe next time I will. Usually pop some ECA before workout though for the first couple weeks of it, while my body is switching to burn ketones.

Actually the funny thing is a lot of people especially ‘easy gainers’ gain off of this type of diet - they just add a PWO right after wards and then usually another carbed meal. Works great for me for lean mass phase. It’s a lot like Dave’s off season diet actually, but I think I have an extra PWO drink + carb meal + small carb meal after workout… I think he does less, but I dunno.

bah I’m blabbering on…

Good conversation GB!