Newbie to Roids

K so I’m 17 and started working out when I was 13 but I didn’t seriously start til I was 16 and then I weight a little over 305lbs now I’m 225 but I have. Women boobies still and I’m super fucking athletic and I’m strong as shit and I’m fairly fast for a big guy , and I was just wonder if maybe 1 cycle would get rid of the tits … Like just 1 short term cycle , I’m East Indian so I believe I hit puberty fairly early and my body’s done growing also I’m a lot stronger then most kids my age.

But a know a lot of guys who have done it and their around my age and they did it to gain , can I take a cycle of maybe ananavar and stick with my no carb diet and run like 30 mins a day while lifting weights and box and get cut ? Oh and if u have any legit tips to get rid f tits I definatly try em out !! I wanna be cut before I graduated outta highschool and go on the grad trip and be able to toss my shirt off at the beach!!

you’re too young to take steroids.

Because you used to be so fat those titties are probably here to stay

You better be joking

you should be over 28 before you try them, roids won’t do a single thing for your tits.

you should focus on trying to get under 10% body fat to get rid of the chest fat.

do to doctor and ask to try some letro to see if it takes away any gyno from your chest, it sounds like its just loose skin and body fat from being so overweight.

just diet hard and get under 10% body fat

make it your goal until your 28, then go for the gear

good luck