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Newbie to Roids/Pills

Hi guys,

I’m relatively new to the sort of ‘cheating’ methods used in the gym.

However recently I’ve noticed significant loss of definition and I’m looking to improve this.

I was previously a religious gym goes for 3 years and then decided to move back home. As a result I dropped the gym for a year and piled on the weight.

I went back and successfully managed to shift 3 stone, but unfortunately this did not result in much definition (I’ll upload a pic later).

I’m considering various options and would value some input:

Nolvadex - undecided on this, I do have some excess in the chest area and around the hips

Levothyroxine - was more recently considering this for a one off-cycle to shift stubborn fat

I know there are various so called ‘natural’ or ‘herbal’ equivalents on the market, but there’s so many its hard to actually work out what would actually do the job.

I go the gym every second day so get plenty of exercise.

Hey guys,

No idea about how to upload to this post. But I’ve added some pics to my profile.


Lay off the Guinness.

Cheeky sod lol

You need to work on your nutrition. I wouldn’t waste money on juice unless you can naturally get your bf% down; it’s too high. I also believe you need some more muscular development before you start. Try dieting down naturally to sub 10%, then worry about the drugs.

If you are unable to maintain a decent portion of muscle, going on drugs will not help. Start by revising your nutrition plan and keep a log of what you eat and what you lift.

aint really the nutrition mate. im a bad eater, so only ever have like brown bread, white meats, cereal…

guess i could go back to cardio for a time