Newbie to Proper Eating

So far my approach to nutrition is trying counting calories(not to the T) and protein.I try to take a minimum of .7 per pound.Is there a better approach?
At the moment I train 1-2 per day(4 main workouts and small workouts whenever I feel like it) and my goal is a bigger bench and deadlift while putting on as much muscle as possible
My weight is around 215 lbs.I guess I’m around 20 % bf.1I plan on doing a cut on the start of April

Here are 2 pictures of me

So, what exactly are you asking here, brah? How to get leaner? How to increase certain lifts?

Without really understanding your post, and looking at your pics, I would estimate you’re closer to 25% than 20% bf. As far as your nutritional approach, not sure what you mean by “counting calories” and protein. You mention, “not to the T” so it seems like you’re not actually counting. Do you know how many calories you’re getting each day? If you’re just guessing then you’re probably way off (as most of us are when we start counting for real and realize we weren’t even close)

There are literally countless articles on the site listing tons of nutritional info. Here’s a good one to get started: The Carb Cycling Codex. Carb cycling is the best way to take advantage of carbs for training, and leave them lower when you don’t need them. Basic recommendation for protein is about 1.5g per pound of bodyweight. For example, I’m about 160lbs, so I get 240g protein per day.

Just wondering, why is your goal a bigger bench and deadlift? Are you trying to compete in a powerlifting comp soon? Regardless, tons of articles on here as well for increasing those lifts, and many, many other training programs. It sounds like you’re just in need of a legit, consistent training program and consistent nutrition, rather than guess work.

If you can write a little more about your specific questions/goals, we can help you more.

Thanks for responding and sorry that my first post wasn’t clear enough

I train in cycles that go like Accumulation,Intensification,deload
I just started my new training cycle which will end at around the end of March.For this cycle I just want to up those two lifts while building some muscle.At the next cycle I’ll start cutting
When I said I count calories I meant my daily maintenance calories are 2.700 so I try to get 3.000(since I’m not cutting) with 150 grams of protein per day.It might be 2.900 or 3.100 some days

As far as why I try to increase my bench and deadlift,I just want a strong bench and deadlift and not care about the squat at the moment

So here are some more specific questions
1.How to eat to maximize my performance?
2.How to cut without loosing strength or even keep making strength gains?

Cool thanks for the additional details. Again just looking through the articles on the site would be hugely beneficial! But, here’s some info to get ya started:

-Eating to maximize performance, you want the best fuel in you to kill your workout. Be sure that you have a good pre workout meal, protein and good carbs. Typical chicken and rice and veggies, oatmeal with protein with a scoop of PB, etc would be good. Or, if it’s more convenient, a finibar or two. And of course outstanding peri workout nutrition, like Plazma, doesn’t get better than that.

-For a cut, you want to go slow and steady, especially if you’re concerned about maintaining strength. If you’re looking to get really lean make sure you plan for it taking some time. Depending on how much you want to cut, it’s totally possible to keep or even improve strength. You would DEFINITELY want to utilize a good carb cycling protocol for that, be sure to read the article I linked previously as it explains in great detail how to construct a carb cycling plan for cutting. Carb cycling will ensure you keep carbs in your workout window to have productive training and continue making gains, and on non training days, you can lower carbs and up fats.

The 5/2 diet is also a fantastic fat loss protocol. I’m typing on the phone and can’t get the link, but if you search “5/2 diet” on the site you’ll find it.

Thanks for all the information.I just took a look at your bodybuilding log and you surely look like you know your stuff when it comes to dieting.I read the article and I’m also going to look up the 5/2 diet you mentioned.Again thanks for the helpful info

You’re asking questions so broad they require entire articles for answers. Have you read some of the hundreds of articles dealing with your concerns that are on this site?

After speaking with a friend who told me the same exact thing I did some research and I’m opening an paypal account to buy Nutrient Timing

Do you mean like buying a book on the subject of nutrient timing?

Quite honestly, literally everything you would need to know about structuring proper nutrition and training is available on T-Nation, for free. 6 years ago I was fat, never exercising and no-knowledge of training type of person, and have dramatically changed all that using the info on this site and Biotest supplements. It takes time and dedication to learn, but anything you want to know is on this site, free of charge.

I was talking about this book.I’ve heard great things and it’s pretty cheap

Well, good luck with that and keep up posted.

Don’t waste your money dude … I can almost guarantee you can find that information for free on the internet. Also as a self-described beginner to proper nutrition you shouldn’t be worrying about complex dieting strategies like nutrient timing. Start by counting calories and tracking your macros if you want to and see how your body responds.